Signs Your Vibration Is Rising: As we progress along our spiritual journey, we raise our energy’s vibrational frequency.

Each time we raise our vibrations we move towards enlightenment and ascension, the final destination of our spiritual journey.

But there isn’t a scoreboard in the sky we can check.

There’s no points system, no handy little app that can tell us how we’re doing.

To know that we are on the right path we have to pay attention to our energy levels and look out for the signs that our vibrations are rising.

Let’s take a look at some of the signs your vibration is rising.

Feeling Energies From Others

 There are tangible effects of our vibrations rising in how we feel the energy of others.

First, we start to notice that we feel the emotions of others more strongly.

This is an increase in our empathy, our ability to understand and experience the feelings of others.

In practice, we are feeling the aura energies of other people more strongly and are better able to identify the emotions attached to the specific energy patterns.

By raising our vibration, we have gained this intuitive pattern recognition.

We also experience much stronger empathy within our spiritual connections.

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We become more sensitive to those emotions in every way.

For powerful connections, this can mean an increase in telepathy and non-verbal communication.

We also feel love more strongly, due to our heart chakras opening further and receiving an increased energy flow.

Putting Out Our Own Energies

 We will also notice other people reacting more to our own energies.

 Our aura is growing in strength and size, and we can see this having an effect around us.

The world becomes more attentive to us, which we can see by people wanting to listen to what we have to say.

Children are happy to see us, and we might find that animals become more friendly.

 They are feeling our energy and responding positively to it.

 This energy will also become more loving in nature.

It becomes effortless to love life, to love people and to love ourselves.

Love is the primary emotion, the one that holds the most power in our lives.

 People notice that. Love energy is universally attractive.

 Shrugging Off The Baggage

 Lastly, we will notice the dropping off of the unimportant stuff from our lives.

To progress along our spiritual journey, we must rid ourselves of the baggage we accumulate as people.

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Often when we get stuck and fall into a rut, it is because we are holding on to too many things from the past that serves little or no purpose anymore.

This might feel scary at first, but once we have unburdened ourselves of the old baggage.

We tend to feel a deep sense of relief as our vibrations bring us closer to enlightenment.

So those are the signs your vibration is rising.

If you see these signs, then you know that you are making good progress on your spiritual journey.