Do you ever find yourself questioning your imagination? Do you find it hard to differentiate between what’s real and what’s not? A psychic medium feels indifferent and isolated.

They can relate to everyone around them, and yet feel so disconnected. Don’t worry! You’re not cursed.

You’re just gifted with the powers of extrasensory perception. Your visions and your lucid dreams are edging you closer to your destiny.

You’re a collective conscious, but you hold your own individuality. You just need to accept who you are and let the voices inside your head guide you towards spiritual illumination.

Here are some sure signs you’re a psychic medium.

You have a vivid imagination

If you befriend imaginary characters inside your head, you might be a psychic medium. Such people are blessed with an amazing imagination— One that stretches beyond the realms of men.

They can get in touch with spirits. They can communicate with souls who no longer have a physical form.

Maybe these souls have unfinished business in this world, and you’re the chosen medium through which they will fulfil their last wishes.

You could never fit in

Were you an inscrutable maverick when you were a kid? Did you feel as if you didn’t belong in this world? You’ve always felt this twinge of unreliability, and you have never been able to figure out why.

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Even if you try hard to form deep bonds with normal people, it always ends in disaster.

One of the reasons behind this might be your intense vibrational frequency that is incapable of synchronising with the spiritual energy of normal humans.

You have exceptional powers of clairsentience

Clairsentience or clear sense is the ability to predict someone’s past present or future even from afar. Psychic mediums just know certain things about people without ever meeting them.

They can walk into a place, and channel their clairsentient powers to throw light on the vital events that took place in it. It’s not just a vibe.

It’s a moment of clarity. They’re sure about their readings. They don’t need a physical proof. They Just KNOW.

You have Clearauditory

Clearauditory is another ability that a psychic medium possesses. They can hear sounds emanating from the spiritual world.

That’s why voices and muttering whispers often spook them. Their ears are sensitive to frequencies that ordinary humans are deaf to.

You are highly sensitive to energy

You’re highly sensitive to your surroundings. Fitting in crowded places is not your forte. They give you a nervous tremor, and all you want is to escape into a place with minimal energy.

You like a calm environment which doesn’t over strain your nerves.

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These are signs you’re a psychic medium, and if you exhibit them, then you have to realise your true powers and empower yourself.