We are all looking for our soulmate. It is a primary goal for most people to meet their soulmate, to cross it off the bucket list and find a partner with whom to share the rest of that list.

To find real, true love.

For those of us who are attuned to our spirituality, meeting a soulmate is a crucial part of the spiritual journey.

It is through them that we learn the karmic lessons that push us towards awakening, enlightenment and ascension.

But how can we know when it will happen? Well, there are a few signs that you are going to meet your soulmate soon.

Romantic Dreams

Our primary direct connection to the spiritual plane is most often through dreams.

It is through dreams that we are most receptive to direct communication from our spirit guides, and a lot can be achieved by proper and thorough evaluation of our dream experiences.

When we have consistent, frequent dreams of a romantic nature, we can take that as a sign that we are about to meet a soulmate.

The best way to evaluate this is to remember to keep a dream journal.

Memories of our time on the spiritual plane in dreams tend to fade once we return to the physical plane by waking. By maintaining a detailed dream journal, we can properly analyse our spiritual experiences in those dreams.

Love Is Everywhere

Another sign we can keep a lookout for manifests itself in the world around us.

When we see a dramatic increase in the presence of romantic love around us in our daily lives, it may be a sign that we are about to meet a soulmate.

This is an example of synchronicity.

Put simply; love is in the air. Our spirit guides are hinting to us to prepare for love because they know it is the right time for our soulmate to enter our lives.

You Are Ready For Love

That is if it is the right time for us to meet our soulmate.

We know this, deep down. Our intuition about these things is powerful because our intuition is a tool our spirit guides use to help guide us along our spiritual journey.

If we have been working on ourselves a lot recently, if we are making progress or if we have made some progress and are now experiencing a plateau in that development, it might be that it is time we meet our soulmate.

Because we can only meet our soulmate once we are spiritually ready to do so.

High Energy Levels

If we identify with the other signs noted here, we can look for one last sign – and this one is a dead giveaway.

Right before we meet our soulmate, we experience a spike in energy levels. This is, in the plainest terms, a reaction of excitement.

For the soul, meeting a soulmate is less of a meeting and more of a reunion with an old friend.

A very old friend.

And just as we might get a spring in our step on the way to meeting up with someone whom we have sorely missed, the soul has the same kind of reaction when we are about to meet our soulmate.

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