If you have just started tarot card reading, it is useful to have a quick reference guide for your cards and their meanings.

There are subtleties to each card that you should learn over time, but when just starting it can be challenging to keep all that info in your head! Having a quick list you can check to refresh your memory is the best way of developing your tarot reading knowledge.

Bookmark this list of simple tarot card meanings for the next time you perform a reading.

Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

The Major Arcana represent the karmic lessons, influences and themes on the journey to enlightenment.

The Fool embarks on the Fool’s Journey learning karmic lessons. He is the main character of the Major Arcana.

0: The Fool: Optimistic, providence, beginning anew, free spirit.
1: The Magician: Manifestation, intention, action, desire.
2: The High Priestess: Mysticism, inward sight, inaction, inner voice.
3: The Empress: Motherhood, surplus, kindness, nature, abundance.
4: The Emperor: Order, law, structured, fatherhood, control.
5: The Hierophant: Tradition, social norms, institutions, morality, ethics.
6: The Lovers: Sex, love, passion, union, partnerships.
7: The Chariot: Progress, moving forward, willpower, control.
8: Strength: Bravery, power, base instincts, compassion, focus.
9: The Hermit: Conscious mind, meditation, solitude, contemplation, inner guidance.
10: Wheel of Fortune: Change, luck, chaos, cycles, fate.
11: Justice: Balance, karma, punishment & reward, clarity, truth.
12: The Hanged Man: Enlightenment, perception, sacrifice, release.
13: Death: Endings, mortality, preparing for a new cycle.
14: Temperance: Balance, self-control, moderation, finding meaning.
15: The Devil: Bad habits, losing the way, materialism, playfulness.
16: The Tower: Epiphanies, collapse, broken pride, upheaval, catastrophe, failure.
17: The Star: Hope, good omens, rejuvenation, rebirth, faith.
18: The Moon: Unknown, subconscious, sleep, illusions, intuition.
19: The Sun: Contentment, victory, celebration, positivity.
20: Judgment – Rebirth, new beginnings, soul purpose, reflection, awakening.
21: The World: Catharsis, reward, collective, completion, affirmation, deliverance.

Tarot Card Meanings: Minor Arcana

Suit of Pentacles

King: Good finances, luxury.
Queen: Good health.
Knight: Deliberate, steady progress.
Page: Learning, physical skills.
Ace of Pentacles: Monetary gain, life purpose.
2: Multitasking.
3: Job satisfaction.
4: Anxiety and shyness.
5: Money or health problems, feeling like you don’t belong.
6: Generosity and giving.
7: Patience for rewards.
8: Dedication, hard work.
9: Money, materialism.
10: Success in business.

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Suit of Cups

King: Opening up emotionally.
Queen: Emotional support, a shoulder to cry on.
Knight: Romance, idealistic goals.
Page: Artistry, creativity.
Ace of Cups: Happiness, met emotional needs.
2: Companionship.
3: Merriment & fun.
4: Boredom.
5: Pessimism, self-pity.
6: Kindness, sentimentality.
7: Daydreaming, lack of focus.
8: Looking for greener pastures.
9: Self-indulgence.
10: Joy, success.

Suit of Wands

King: Maturity, career-oriented.
Queen: Trusted friend, good attitude.
Knight: Living life on the edge.
Page: Inspiration, changing attitudes.
Ace of Wands: A burst of creativity.
2: Planning for the future.
3: Rewards for hard work.
4: Safety, home.
5: Minor adversity with friends or loved ones.
6: Acknowledgment of success.
7: Defensiveness, neurosis.
8: Speed, intent.
9: Preparing for the worst.
10: Feeling overwhelmed.

Suit Of Swords

King: The rational mind. Strict, powerful.
Queen: The intellectual mind. Sharp, cold.
Knight: Dedication to a cause. Aggressive, passionate.
Page: Unreliable outcomes. Untrustworthy, unstable.
Ace of Swords: Do-overs, opportunities. Starting anew.
2: Indecisiveness.
3: Heartbreak.
4: Recuperation.
5: Mental battles.
6: Spreading wings.
7: Hidden motives.
8: Lacking control.
9: Fear and overthinking.
10: Sabotaging yourself.

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