Known as the dog star of the constellation Canis Major, Sirius is 8.7 light years from Earth and is the most visible star in the naked eye.

Sirians have always played a major role in Earths galactic history. Many theories would suggest visits as far back as four to five million years. These visits were often short and mainly scientific in nature. Together with other galactic starseeds from lyra and Pleiades, the Sirians created two successive versions of human beings when they mixed their DNA with that of the humanoid species already inhabiting Earth. This caused many rifts between the Sirians and the lyrans.

Much of the Atlantean knowledge containing crystal healing, aura work and light energy healing can be felt today by many lightworkers and bodyworkers here on Earth, this was a gift from the Sirians. We first started to see this in civilisation with Isis in Egypt, she was known as the greatest healer. Souls from Sirius came to Egypt as God-men and God woman they brought structure to society and built pyramids and temples, within them pathways and tunnels connection to the stars and inner worlds. It was their way of bringing both worlds together.

Sirian Starseed History-and-characteristics

Basic Sirian Starseed Characteristics

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♦ Sirian people are unyielding and resolved in their own minds, trusting their own truth above others. But if they see a clearer path through someone else’s eyes they will willingly go that way. They move on quickly from the old and focus solely on the new.

♦ Sirian people have integrity and make faithful, dependable friends, but its need to be reciprocated.

♦ Don’t expect a Sirian to be free with their emotions and feelings, they hold to that internal personal stuff pretty tightly.

♦ You would have to persecute a Sirian venomously to get them to face off in a hostile manner with you, and they will defend their feelings ferociously but only if pushed.

♦ You will know a Sirian trust you when they share their silly side with you.

♦ Sirian people are very intelligent and have an innate understanding of what it is that they wish to seek knowledge from.

Generally speaking, Sirian beings have the ability to ground spiritual information to make it available for all beings on Earth. They see themselves as helpers, workers and doers here to build the golden age. By applying higher forms of knowledge and integrating through grounding, thus the physical manifesting of many creations on Earth will be reveled.