The Sirians are a race of humanoids from Sirius, a binary star system located approximately 8.6 light years away from Earth. It is the brightest star in the night sky as seen by the naked eye.

They are our galactic neighbours and act as guardians and caretakers for us, along with a number of other races from other systems.

The Sirians are particularly adept with technology and developed the etheric implants that allowed them to travel to Earth and alter our genetic code to allow for our ascension from animals to spiritual beings.

The Sirians helped build the pyramids, assisted us in the tumultuous aftermath of Atlantis, and even provided the Mayans with the technologies they needed to produce their (now famous) calendar.

The Sirian Starseed Mission

The Sirian mission on Earth is quite simple – they endeavour to bring about humanity’s ascension, to help us to achieve spiritual enlightenment and ascension as a species so that we may join the galactic fold, joining the multitude of other races in our galaxy who have already ascended.

This can be a good thing or a bad thing for Earth and her people, depending how you look at it.

How they do this is a little more complex, and the actual methods by which they eventually do this is, by and large, too complex for human understanding – until such a time as we achieve ascension and the mission becomes clear to us.

But, as they inhabit human bodies, they are also subject to the spiritual journey we must all travel along.

Personal Journey

The Sirian Starseed must complete their own personal spiritual journey before their mission becomes clear to them.

As we all must, they must complete their spiritual awakening and journey towards (and achieve) ascension.

Fortunately, this is often easier for the Sirian Starseed as they are more innately attuned to the spiritual plane than the rest of us.

Only when they have experienced the human spiritual condition and learned the karmic lessons, balanced their energies and chakras, and completed full spiritual ascension, is the Sirian Starseed fully equipped to hear the mission they are to pursue here on Earth.

After all, how can a Sirian Starseed help humanity to ascend without understanding the obstacles we face? The experience is vital.


When the Sirian starseed is made fully conscious of their mission, they enter into a state of service.

The core mission of the Sirian Starseed is to serve humanity by providing spiritual guidance, lessons and support.

They often find themselves becoming beacons of light for those on their spiritual journey, acting as a guide to the lost and a mentor to the orphaned mentee.

And this is incredibly gratifying for the Sirian Starseed. After all, they are fulfilling their universal purpose, their destiny.

As ascended spiritual beings, they care deeply for us and treat us with love, kindness and respect.

They see the unity of all things. Oneness.

And their real mission, though each individual will be tasked differently in service of it, is to help us get to the spiritual place where we feel the same love, care and unity towards all of creation.

They are our guardians, our servants and our masters – and all they want is for us, for humanity, to finally become their equals.

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