Sirians Aliens History On Earth

Discussing about Earth’s history and galactic nature, the Sirians aliens played a significant role. These sirian being were the first to visits our space, though unconfirmed about four to five million years ago. These were very short visits, for the motive of science.

However the first residence was 1 million year ago in Latin America. Later followed by many others who wanted to colonize mainly Lyrians and much later from Pleiades, as well as the Orions. The Sirians began playing a better role in our planet.


In the first days of humanity, there were lots of battles between the Lyrans and Sirians regarding Earth. In ancient mythology fights between bird and eagle people and also snake people usually relate to fights and struggle between the pleiadians and lyrans, and sirians.


Where are the sirians aliens now?

Most of them today are healers, bodyworkers and lightworkers, feel a powerful connection with Sirius. Often these individual have incarnated from Sirius. Actually, lots of them had countless lives on Sirius and on Earth, mostly during Atlantean and Lemurian times, when our ancestors were openly connecting with alien civilizations.sirians aliens

Most of the knowledge regarding subtle bodies, auras and crystal healing is traced back from sirius.

With relations to the people of Sirius, you should know that Sirian scheme is the house of countless alien species, both which are physical and non physical, human, and non-human. Many of these beings are very benevolent towards humanity.


But it’s important to understand that there’s a few who are negative in Sirius, they focus on individual gain through manipulation and control. Those negative Sirians are mostly from Sirius B and have orchestrated many of the horrendous abductions that take place.

What do the sirians aliens on Earth look like?

The Sirians aliens who have remained on Earth were,

1) They had numerous contacts with Lyran beings and 2) conformed to the climate situations on Earth, their skin gradually became lighter. Note these are the description of humanoid sirian beings.


Sirius consists not one but of the three stars, although the science community isn’t totally confident about the presence of a 3rd star, because it was just discovered once, in 1929. One of the many consistent rumors in the galactics is of the cetaceans i.e. whales and dolphins have come from one of the planet orbiting Sirius.sirians aliens 2

Many of us believe whales and dolphins have consciousness, very similar to our human consciousness.

The Sirians have played many other events in history including, Egypt, Lemuria and Sumeria.

Do you have a connection with sirians aliens?



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