Sleep paralysis is the term used for describing a condition in which your mind is conscious, but your body isn’t. In this condition, you are unable to move.

It is simply a stage between your sleep-wake cycle. During this condition, you can’t move or speak for a few seconds to minutes.

When you are dreaming, you are in the sleep paralysis state, that’s why you don’t act out your dreams.

If you suddenly wake up from the sleep, your body and mind remain in that state, and thus you feel paralysed.

The connection of Sleep Paralysis and Astral Projection

Sleep paralysis and astral projection are connected. When you astral project, your astral body leaves your physical body.

In actual, your astral body is the driver of your physical body, and it lets you move. When your astral body is out, you cannot move, and thus you feel sleep paralysis.

But, it could also happen that you are not astral projecting, but your body goes into the sleep paralysis due to the chemical changes in the body.

That time is perfect for astral projection.

Signs of Sleep Paralysis:

You will have the following signs when you are in a state of sleep paralysis:

  • Mind is conscious
  • Complete knowingness of the surroundings
  • The sense of paralysis – limbs couldn’t move
  • Hallucinations
  • The feeling of fear and terror
  • Chest pressure
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Supine position

How To Induce Sleep Paralysis For Astral Projection?

As sleep paralysis provides the ideal time to separate your astral body from the physical one. You can induce sleep paralysis intentionally for astral projection by using the following steps:

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#1: Wake Yourself Up In the Middle of your Sleep:

Disturbed sleep often induces sleep paralysis. But, when you want to have sleep paralysis for astral projection, it is equally important that your mind is fully awake without any tiredness.

To do this, you can set your alarm for 2 hours earlier than your usual sleep. Have a sound sleep for 4-5 hours and wake up.

#2: Awake Your Mind Fully

Stay up for around 15 minutes and try to indulge your mind in any activity like reading. Then go to bed again and close your eyes but remain conscious.

Try to relax your body as much as you can. Use the supine position – lie on your back.

#3: Allow the Muscles go Limp

Remain still because it is a good way to trick your brain that you are asleep. When you don’t move for a while, your muscles will go numb.

Breathe calmly when this happens to relax your body even further.

#4: Keep your Mind Conscious

When your body is sleeping, you should keep your mind awake by doing mental exercises. For instance, focus on the surrounding sounds, or visualise your favourite place. Don’t think about your limbs.

#5: The Sleep Paralysis

In this stage, your mind is fully conscious of the surrounding, but you are unable to move your body. It will feel a bit like a dream that you can’t move around in at all.

You will feel pressure on your chest along with the inability to move. By remaining calm during this stage, you can utilize this paralysis for astral projection.

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Top Three Sleep Paralysis Astral Projection Techniques

Follow any of these sleep paralysis astral projection techniques to enter the astral world:

1. The Rope Technique:

Visualize an imaginary rope hanging from the ceiling above you. During the sleep paralysis, try to grab this rope with the hands of your astral body and drag it out from your physical body.

2. The Monroe Technique:

During the sleep paralysis, you need to induce vibrations throughout your body. Increase the vibration slowly. Then roll over to separate your astral body from your physical body.

3. Displaced Awareness Technique:

Focus on the room you are in. Now rotate your astral body and try to perceive the room from that direction.

Your astral head should be where the feet of your physical body is. The displaced sense of direction will help you float out of your body.

Astral Projection Without Sleep Paralysis

For many people, sleep paralysis is the hardest stage of OBE. But is it possible to astral project without sleep paralysis? The answer is yes, but it requires lots of time and practice.

Paralysis makes it easy for the astral body to leave the physical body. When you practice more, paralysis doesn’t seem necessary for astral projection.

Full control over body and mind is also the requirement so that your body doesn’t move intentionally when your astral body leaves the physical body.