When someone passes away, there are often many symbols of the life they lived.

These remembrances, from their favorite music to the photos that adorn their casket, help bring closure to those who loved them.

But one of the oldest symbols of death is smelling flowers before someone dies. Though it may seem strange, this symbolic gesture has shaped traditions around mourning death for centuries.

In this article, we’ll explore what it means to smell flowers before someone dies and other spiritual meanings associated with this practice.

What does it mean to smell flowers before the passing of someone?

Smelling flowers before someone passes away symbolizes mourning and honoring the individual’s life.

It shows respect for the deceased and honors their memory while providing solace to the grieving.

When performed in a ceremony or ritual preceding a funeral or memorial service, smelling flowers is viewed as an act of remembrance and expressing one’s deepest sympathy and condolences.

The origin of smelling flowers has its roots in ancient Egypt, where funerary rituals included offering floral arrangements to honor the dead.

This tradition remains today, as families often place fresh flower bouquets on gravesites or around memorials during wakes and funerals.

By following this age-old ritual, mourners pay tribute to those who have passed, hoping their souls may find peace.

Other Spiritual Meanings Of Smelling Flowers

In addition to mourning death, other spiritual meanings are associated with smelling flowers that extend beyond simply paying tribute to those who have died; they can also be used as part of healing ceremonies or rituals meant to ward off bad luck or illness.

For example, in Hinduism, it is believed that inhaling fragrant jasmine flowers can bring health benefits ranging from boosting immunity to relieving insomnia due to its calming properties.

Not only does jasmine signify good health, but it also symbolizes trustworthiness and innocence, making it an appropriate offering for any religious ceremony, such as weddings or births, where these qualities are celebrated.

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Another common use for smelling flowers is when one is about to receive a revelation from a higher power – usually signified by white roses, which represent inner wisdom and spiritual enlightenment according to some belief systems.

This type of revelation typically arrives when one least expects it, so if one ever finds themselves surrounded by white roses, they should take a deep breath – their enlightenment awaits!

A Change Of Season

For many cultures around the world (especially Asian cultures), smelling flowers goes hand in hand with transitioning into another season: fall.

With autumn comes cooler temperatures and shorter days, signifying both renewal and rebirth while also ushering in signs of mortality as plants go dormant until next springtime blooms arrive again, reminding us how important each moment in life truly is!

So, if you find yourself surrounded by the aroma of autumn leaves or seasonal florals, like chrysanthemums, at this time of year, pause for a moment longer than normal, take a deep breath, and reflect on all that has been accomplished thus far and all that lies ahead!

Luck Is About To Smile On You

Smelling certain types of fragrant florals isn’t just used for occasions related to death or transition; sometimes, its purpose is simply for good luck!

Whether you’re getting ready for an important job interview or performing something big, like a live music event, having freshly cut roses nearby could be the extra boost you need!

While different colors may hold varying importance depending on region/culture, pink roses signify joyfulness, which could be needed if nerves start taking over pre-performance jitters!

So don’t forget: if things don’t go quite according to our plans, permit yourself to take a few moments to inhale the deeply fragrant roses – luck might come calling soon enough.

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Smelling Flowers Helps Connect With The Spiritual Realm

In some cultures, it is believed that smelling flowers can help connect with the spiritual realm.

It is thought that scents and fragrances can bridge the gap between this world and the spirit world, allowing us to communicate with our ancestors or those who have passed on.

Many rituals involving flowers are used in religious ceremonies, such as offering floral arrangements to honor a loved one’s memory or praying with incense.

Smelling Flowers Can Bring a Positive Attitude and Energy

In addition to providing spiritual guidance, smelling flowers can be an uplifting experience for everyone involved.

Certain flowers’ pleasant aromas can lift one’s spirits when feeling down, bring joy to an otherwise unhappy situation, or even promote healing.

By inhaling their sweet fragrance, we take in more than just the scent—we take in their positive energy, which aids in calming our minds and bodies.

Smelling Flowers Can Represent Renewal

Smelling flowers also means renewal and new beginnings, especially when it comes to springtime blooms like tulips and daisies, which represent hope for a brighter future after a winter of hibernation or sorrow.

For many people, having fresh-cut flowers near them helps remind them that no matter what they are going through, there is always something beautiful waiting around the corner.


Smelling flowers have a variety of meanings and usages; from mourning a death to bringing good luck to representing renewal, the symbolism behind this age-old practice holds strong and is deeply rooted in many cultures around the world.

Therefore, the next time fragrant florals surround you, don’t forget to stop, take a deep breath, and appreciate their beauty no matter what season it may be!