We’ve all heard the adage that someone is thinking of them if one sneezes three times in a row.

But what does this saying mean, and more importantly, is there any truth to it?

In this article, we’ll look at the spiritual symbolism and numerology behind sneezing three times in a row and why some believe it is an indication that someone else’s thoughts are being felt.

Why Do We Sneeze Anyways?

Sneezing serves an important purpose for our bodies; it helps protect us from potential infection by expelling unwanted particles from our noses.

The sneezing causes a rush of air to be expelled from the nose at over 100 miles per hour, resulting in any particles present within the mucous membranes being ejected out of our body.

This helps to keep us healthy and free from infection.

But why do some people find themselves sneezing multiple times in succession?

While there may be something irritating your nose—such as pollen or dust—multiple sneezes may indicate underlying health issues like allergies or sinusitis that a doctor should check out.

The Spiritual Symbology and Numerology of Sneezing

When it comes to the spiritual symbolism behind sneezing, there are several theories as to why certain cultures believe one should say “bless you” after someone sneezes.

One theory suggests that saying “bless you” wards off evil spirits who may try to enter the body through the suddenly exposed nasal passages when we sneeze.

Another thought is that saying “bless you” brings good luck or even health benefits, such as preventing colds or headaches.

When it comes to numerology, many cultures attach special meaning to numbers, such as three, seven, and nine, due to their symmetry or divinity — think the Rule of Three or the Principle of Seven — which some belief gives them extra power and significance.

This notion has extended into modern-day superstitions, with many believing that if one happens upon an occurrence with these sacred numbers three times in a row–like hearing thunderclaps three times consecutively–it must surely signify something beyond coincidence.

Likewise for our main topic: some believe that if one happens to sneeze three times consecutively, then this, too, must signify something extraordinary!

Expelling Negative Energies

In several cultures worldwide—particularly those based on animistic religions such as Shintoism and pagan beliefs—it is believed that illness can stem from negative energies present within our bodies caused by stress, resentment, and even evil forces outside of ourselves, such as ghosts or demons.

To help protect oneself against these negative energies, rituals can be performed where powerful words like mantras or incantations are used along with symbolic gestures, such as waving the smoke over oneself as if brushing away spirits and dark clouds hovering above one’s head (known as subah).

It is believed that these rituals help expel any negative energy present within the body while simultaneously providing comfort against outside forces looking to bring harm our way.

According to Chinese tradition, one ritual involves a tri-sneeze repetition, which acts as an effective purifying mechanism against bad luck.

By rapidly repeating movements such as bowing your head three times in succession (to symbolically dirty yourself) followed by quickly saying “thank you” three times afterward (to cleanse yourself of dirt), it releases any negative energy built up inside your body while simultaneously blessing you with protection against outside forces looking to cause harm.

Here lies another possible explanation for why saying “bless you” after someone sneezes can provide peace of mind despite invoking superstition, essentially offering a psychological safety net against unseen dangers along with physical well-being for those who practice traditional healing methods based on folklore tradition, such as those of Native Americans.

Someone Is Thinking Of You

While science has yet to explain why we sometimes find ourselves inexplicably stretching protocol when performing certain mundane rituals (like frequent handwashing) or making connections between entities completely unrelated, many believe deep down inside ourselves, on some level, we feel something is true whether consciously aware or not conscious at all (such as feeling like someone is watching over us when no one else is).

Perhaps then this can explain why some have attached special significance to activities such as hiding objects under floor mats (for safe keeping), spitting after traveling long distances, or even jumping up when crouching down (for protection) — almost akin to acting instinctively without even realizing why we are doing so.

In turn, these same feelings could help explain why saying ‘bless you’ after someone sneezes resonates with so many people today — perhaps deep down inside somewhere, there is.

Uniting People Through Sneezing

Due to its contagious nature, sneezing has been known to unite people and bring about feelings of connection.

In some cultures, it is believed that a collective sneeze among family members or friends can help keep negative influences away, as the shared act of expelling air through one’s nose together creates a collective force against outside entities attempting to cause harm.

The Significance of Certain Colors

For some, seeing certain colors while they are sneezing can be significant.

Red is believed to be a sign of good luck and may indicate a new opportunity in one’s future. Green represents an advancement in life, signifying growth and progress toward achieving goals.

White corresponds with protection and suggests that one is being watched over by a higher power, who will guide one on their journey.

Ancient Practices for Predictions

In ancient times, divination techniques were sometimes used to read the meaning behind specific occurrences, such as sneezing multiple times consecutively.

These techniques involved throwing lots or interpreting dreams to make predictions – for instance, if someone dreamed about sneezing three times in a row before their wedding day, it was believed that this would signify an auspicious union between two individuals soon-to-be joined in matrimony.


The spiritual symbology and numerology behind why some people believe that if one sneezes three times in a row, it means someone is thinking of them can be traced back to ancient beliefs and practices.

While science has yet to explain why we sometimes find ourselves superstitiously attaching certain significance to sneezing, many people still believe in the power of numbers and positive energy—and that when it comes down to it, there may be something more than coincidental behind a triple sneeze.