Soul Connection Signs – What Your Soul Wants You to Know  

Soul Connection Signs – Ever wonder what your soul is trying to tell you ? Most often we wonder through life looking for a better purpose to our life. To understand our selves better, you have questioned yourself many times, what am I expected to be doing? Am I living the best life?soul connection signs 2

You are suppose to ask yourself these questions, because we want the best for us, we want to live the best because that’s what our soul wants as well. Your life’s adventure is to live close to your soul’s true essence.


To help you I have listed soul connection signs, basically what your soul’s trying to tell you.

What your Soul wants you to know (soul connection signs)


1. You are doing ok

The goal in life is not to change, grow or transform yourself. Your purpose is to be at peace with yourself and everything in your life, regardless of what you have completed or not completed, stated or not stated. From a soul’s viewpoint transformation is not your greatest concern.

2. Your soul wants to see yourself through understanding.

All the events in our life either make us feel happy or sad, many things go great and some don’t. What’s important here is the thoughts you have about your self, too often we critique or respond to a situation and think badly of it. We end up overly criticizing ourself for not managing the event well.

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Your soul is connecting and nudging you to be kind to yourself, no matter how bad things may go. You did your best in the situation, being kind to yourself makes your soul happy.

3. Your Soul wants you to feel deeply.

We are here not to forget about what we have felt, but to experience our emotions and listen to our feelings in a deeper way. Our feelings guide us, makes us stronger, we have to feel our way through life.

4. You are here to attune yourself with the brightest.

We are here to experience life in wonderful ways, to love and to know compassion. To feel the lightness and joy in life.

5. Experience life in your own ways.

It’s not about what you would experience, but rather the ways you experience and how you feel matters the most. Many of us don’t allow ourself to feel, even when we have experienced great success. soul connection signs

Your not meant to live this way. We have come here to immerse ourself in every experience and feel the wonder of who we are living every single day. So allow yourself to feel and breathe whatever success you are having in your life.

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6. Your soul wants to know stillness.

We can genuinely listen when we are still. To feel the highest union with our soul’s wisdom is when we listen and open ourselves to understand stillness. That’s why meditation is very important in our life, to find a quiet place to connect to ourself. Being still and meditating connects us to our true self.

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