Over the course of our lives, we will be a part of many relationships, both romantic and otherwise.

Each one of these relationships has the potential to create a soul connection, and when it does that relationship forms an important and special place in our heart.

But sometimes those relationships must end. Particularly with romantic relationships, this can cause the painful severing of a soul connection.

Sometimes, however, that soul connection doesn’t entirely sever. This means that there will be less immediate pain, but in the long term, this can be detrimental to our mental and spiritual health.

So why does the soul connection still exist between you and your ex?

Remnants Of A Soul Connection

There are a variety of reasons why the end of your relationship might not have meant the end of your soul connection with your ex.

Soul connections are remarkably resilient. It is no easy task to sever a soul connection, as it is against every instinct we have as social, spiritual beings.

The connection might remain for the following reasons:

There is unfinished business. If the break up occurred without proper discussion, all in the heat of the moment, there can be things that have been left unsaid that are maintaining the soul connection.

You still want them in your life. Although you might have accepted that the relationship is over, you might find that you want there to be a continuing friendship of some sort. This makes it impossible to fully sever the connection.

They still show up on a regular basis. Maybe you frequent the same restaurants or bars, or live and work near each other.

This makes it very difficult to sever the connection completely, as a part of you still sees them as a part of your life.

You are reminded of them all the time. This could be down to things around your house that are either theirs or remind you of them.

These objects themselves have power over us and can prevent us from severing the soul connection.

So those are the reasons you might still have a soul connection with your ex. But what can you do about it?

Severing The Soul Connection With Your Ex – For Good!

The only way to fully sever a soul connection with anyone is to remove them from your life completely.

You can think of this process as having three stages:

The first stage is one you have hopefully already completed – formally ending the relationship. This is important as it leaves no doubt in either person’s mind that the relationship is over.

If you – or they – don’t feel this way then perhaps you need to sit down and work it all out before moving on to the next stage.

The second stage is to cut out all contact. This means not only deleting contact details (and insisting they do the same, changing your details if they refuse) but also doing whatever you can to avoid running into them as well as deleting them from all social media.

It is also a good idea to block them, as this stops the odd shared post from sneaking through.

The third stage is the most difficult and is probably where you are at right now – cleansing your energies of theirs and finally severing the soul connection.

This can be a lengthy process as it requires you to stop thinking about them, dreaming about them, reminiscing about them – everything!

Through meditation and regular spiritual practice, you will be able to cleanse your energies and take control of the soul connection you share with your ex.

It is then, and only then that you can finally cut that cord.