You meet someone for the first time, and you are magnetically drawn to them, how is that even possible?

The answer would be it was fate. How else would you feel a deep connection with them.

Such is life that we connect with many people, and with some of them, we form a relationship. These relationships can be short or long-term. They are soul-level connections.

What are soul-level connections?

Soul level connections are agreements you made before incarnating; we make certain agreements with other souls.

Where it is determined which souls we will form essential relationships with. They are either short or long appointments.

Souls exchange energy to learn and teach each other for a period. It’s important for souls to exchange energy and form a connections hence the title soul energy connection.

Why do we make these connections?

In the human form we do forget our souls intentions, yes we as souls know the ones we will encounter but in physical form, we do not know who they are.

It is like amnesia, at soul level you recognise them but at the physical level you don’t.

So when we meet the souls we have pre-arranged to meet, we tend to be magnetised by the connection. At the physical level we can’t explain why we have such a deep connection with them.

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There are many reasons why we have these connections. As I have mentioned, souls exchange energy. It’s possible that person you have encountered has given you joy and laughter, it’s what you needed in your life at that very moment.

What about past life?

As a soul you have incarnated many times and lived many hard and luxurious lives, no matter the time and place we will always encounter the souls we need to exchange energy with.

We will reincarnate over again and meet the same souls, that’s why we recognise people from past lives because we are familiar with the energy exchange.

Important signs to recognise a soul connection

I have listed some signs to make it easier to recognise a soul connection.

Eye contact

You might not recognise each other but when your eyes meet you just can’t stop staring. It doesn’t feel awkward just feels like you have seen your old friend.

Strong pull towards them

You will be drawn magnetically to the energy. They will always be in your life even if you don’t keep up with them.

Same values

You both have the same perspective in life, or you both have a common goal. Emotionally you both understand each other.

Known them your whole life

You feel safe and comfortable around them. You believe you can tell them anything and they understand. It’s quite a strange feeling when you have just met.

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They give you energy

They make you feel your best all the time. You both have a similar energy level, and you both vibe off each other.

Time Flies

Time seems to fly when you are around them, you are just so connected to them that you forget about everything around you.

Similar Experiences

You both share a similar experience or struggles in life. You both know that the bad stuff is to teach you and make you stronger.

Soul feels at peace

They only bring peace and light to your world; you feel loved, cared and uplifted around them.

There you have it, soul connections are wonderful especially when you meet that person who brings joy into your life.