When it comes to soul mates, there are many opinions about the meaning of a soul mate. There are no right or wrong meaning; my understanding is that soul mates are different from what we see in the movies.

As the names imply, soul mates are mates of your soul. Energetically you are similar to them, and you are in this plane with similar goals.

Soul mates unite to help each other with their goals. They also connect to awaken each other and remind them of their purpose.

When you meet your soul mate, they can help you awaken or stir things within you; they help you do this by aligning with your true soul essence.

Question people tend to ask is, are soul mates romantic? In most case, your soul mate will be your romantic partner, but they can also be a friend. When you connect with a soul mate, a strong attraction is felt.

Another question is, will my soul mate be with me forever? Often soul mates move on once the lessons have been learned or the soul is awakened, they may be with you or may not.

This is probably sounding different from what you are used to hearing or seeing in movies. The best way to picture this relationship would be that connection that is intimate and heated, but they don’t last long because of the drama involved.

There is soul mate relationship that will last forever, in other cases, they are just too intense and need letting go.

Although soul mates won’t physically be together the whole lifetime, the love they create will always be there, because soul mates touch us deeply that the memory of them will always remain.

Here are some soul mate connection symptoms, it may reveal if you have found them.

1. When you encounter your soul mate you will feel instant attraction, something about the connection suggests you already know each other.

2. You may feel past life connections. Also, the relationship has a certain intensity which can’t be explained.

3. Meeting your soul mate may turn your life around, there will be other changes as well.

4. Things you have buried in your past will return, old pains and habits will need to be released.

5. Having your soul mate in your life will allow you to learn better skills or perhaps some other talent you never knew you had.

6. When in an intimate connection, the strong energy may prompt you into the cycle of on and off again.

7. Just like you met in fated circumstances, you may exit each other’s life the same way.

8. Although you feel a strong attraction towards your soul mate, once the lessons are learned, the attraction will slowly fade.

9. This coming together is way bigger than the two of you, you may feel the work is towards something greater.

10. You are both in sync and in tune with each other, you both know how each other feels.

These are the signs you have you met your soul mate, the best way to know is to trust your intuition.

You will be aware when your soul mate has entered your life; they will genuinely connect with the wisdom of your heart.

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