The soul merge process is a life-changing event that has repercussion for every aspect of our selves.

It describes the death of the ego and the reunification of the soul that allows for us to become spiritual beings in totality.

It unfolds over time as we progress along our spiritual journey, but comes to a head when we achieve unification with our twin flame.

Soul Merge Process

But let’s take a step back and discover the soul merge process from its beginnings.

The Higher Self

 We all have a higher self. It is the part of us that exists entirely separate from our body and mind, instead of existing as our spiritual self on the spiritual plane.

Some call it the soul, some call it the spirit, some call it the essence.

What we call it does not matter too much.

That higher self is who we are and who we will become. That might sound paradoxical, but it isn’t.

It’s a concept we are intimately familiar with – after all, we have all remarked at some point:

“I just wasn’t myself.”

Our higher self is obscured from us by our ego, rooted in the physical plane and created by our environment, the people around us and the situations and experiences that shape us.

The ego is a tool that we use to exist in the world. But the ego must die for us to become who we truly are.

Soul Merging

 As we practice spirituality and learn the karmic lessons life teaches us, we imbue our ego-driven selves with parts of our higher self.

 This is a slow process.

 But it is obvious to us. After all, what is spiritual progress if not the merging of our perfect self with our imperfect self?

The healing we do to our lower self is possible by integrating our higher self until our lower self is vanquished.

 That is ego death, and it changes everything.

 Twin Flame Union | Soul Merging

 We can only really become our higher self by uniting with our twin flame.

This should be obvious if we know anything about the twin flame relationship.

We share a soul, so we must be together to realise its perfect form.

This is why we struggle through the karmic lessons of the spiritual journey and the twin flame relationship.

We are shedding the ego, drip by drip, releasing the burden of experience within the human ego and all the scars and emotional baggage it has accumulated.

That is attunement. And when we are attuned we may merge our higher self with our lower self and experience together as one soul the dissolution of the ego – to be replaced by a pure embodiment of the spirit.

And that is where happiness lies. It is where fulfilment lies.

And ultimately it is where the spiritual journey leads, the destination that destiny requires us to find.