The soul urge number 11 speaks of the importance of your friends and relationships to your inner self and ultimate happiness. Number 11 is the first master number, but more on that soon.

This number forms a central part of your numerological chart. Together with your life path and destiny numbers, it can help you to understand the underlying mechanisms of your inner self.

Specifically, it relates to your inner desires and subconscious urges.

Through understanding it, you can unlock your hidden motives and discover the reasons for any mismatches between how you are and how you want to be.

It can also help you to find your soul mission, as well as realizing your goals and ambitions.

Who Has Soul Number 11? – How To Calculate

There are two ways in which you can determine it.

The first, more traditional way is to take the day of the month on which you were born.

For you to have soul urge number 11, you would be born on either the 11th or 29th of any month in the year.

The second way is a bit more precise and has been developed and is used by leading numerologists to be surer of the results.

It involves using a numerological letter chart to sum the value of all of the vowels in your birth name.

It must be your full birth name, of course – nicknames, shortenings or names changed by deed poll (or equivalent) will not give you an accurate result.

An example of a name with soul urge 11 is “Laura Joanne Johnson.”

The vowels according to the numerological letter chart sum to 29, which reduces to 11 when you add the two digits together.

Meaning of Master Number 11

You might notice that we reduced 29 down to 11, but we didn’t reduce 11 down to 2 in the same way. It is because 11 is a master number.

Master numbers have their own unique energy that is separate from the usual 1-9 digits, though they are inextricably linked to them.

Master number 11 is linked very closely with the number 2 but has a far more powerful effect.

It is the most intuitive of all numbers and embodies dynamic, charismatic, and extroverted personality types.

It is the root of all master numbers and is highly spiritual.

Meaning Of Soul Urge Number 11

11 has a very high vibrational frequency, which amplifies the meaning considerably.

It relates both to numerological number 2 and master number 11, elevating both to a higher frequency and embodying them within your soul.

If you have 11 as your soul urge, you are likely to be highly intelligent, dynamic, and charismatic.

You also have expanded powers of manifestation that enhance your creativity.

At its core, it speaks to your inner desire for spiritual companionship.

The strength of 2 signifies companionship as a path to fulfillment for you.

Unlike those with desires matching 2, this is less about love and intimacy than it is about sharing a spiritual journey.

Your hunger for spiritual expansion and progress provides you with the drive you need to do something extraordinary.

However, there are some pitfalls you need to avoid.

You crave a deep spiritual relationship, and in most cases, people with 11 find this in a spiritual teacher or guru.

The danger of this is that in your drive to connect with your spirituality, you may fall for a charlatan pretending to be a teacher, healer, or mentor.

Think carefully before handing money to someone who claims they can help your progress.

But don’t avoid it altogether! Just ensure that you allow yourself a bit of cooling time to judge whether this is a good idea or not.

What Does Soul Urge Number 11 Say About You?

Your urges and desires revolve around your core need for companionship.

It is similar in many ways to the meaning of number 2, but being a master number means that 11 is far more spiritually centered and idealized in form.

It means that your happiness and fulfillment is based around your relationships, both romantic and platonic.

In partnership with another person is how you thrive. You will feel the urge to seek out a mentor or guru to feel more connected to your own spirituality.

Empathy will play a key role in your life, and it is strong within you.

You will find yourself sacrificing your own happiness for the happiness of others – not necessarily as a selfless act, but because the thought of not doing something to help is too painful to allow.

One problem this can cause is if you sacrifice your own interests too much to help others.

While noble, this can ultimately do more harm than good. You can absorb too much negative energy by always putting others first, and that can harm those around you.

You must be especially careful about the effect you have on those around you because people naturally take the lead from you.

Your high energy and charisma mean that your impact on others is amplified, whether it is good or bad.

With the presence of mind and conscious intent, you can use this power for good, elevating those around you to have a better effect on the world and to reach fulfillment through it.

Common careers for those with 11 in their desires include management, marketing and PR, teaching, and various spiritual practices like healing and mentoring.

You also thrive in team sports and games, as well as in the arts where your creativity, dynamic energy, and people skills can come into their own.

While you feel called to more meaningful work, these activities can form a healthy outlet to provide balance in your life.

Balance is essential to you.

Achieving a balance between your urge to care for others and boost them up and your need for others to do the same for you is a key to happiness.

By managing your friendships and ensuring that your own needs are met as well as those around you, you can be your best, happiest self.