Soulmate Connection Good or Bad ?

Soulmate Connection is it good or bad for you lets find out.

Soulmate connection couples

There are many challenges in a soulmate connection.

Is the soulmate connection satisfying you is it good or bad ? are you still longing for the one to make you whole ?. In the beginning soulmates and twin flames will make you feel same type of familiarity between you. You may feel intense attraction to your soulmate and be comfortable with them.


Soulmates are known to be either romantic or have an attraction to you, however its the twin flames who have an intense attraction to each other, the attraction is well balanced like no other.

Most of us have at least met one romantic soulmate. Meeting your twin flame changes everything for you, since twin flames rarely incarnate in the same time line, you are forever searching for your souls other half.

If you are the lucky one to have met your twin flame, you know by looking into their eyes you have this feeling of “knowing” straight away. Its a unique and beautiful feeling that is very difficult to describe. You may feel this wonderful love around you.

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Past life Karma

A Soulmate connection can be your best friends, lovers or even your family members. But as a romantic partner I believe a soulmate will have a lot in common with you and at the same time be different. Soulmates tend to come into our life to support us on our spiritual journey and also present us many challenges.

As soulmates are fueled by past karma and conflicts within, challenges we face with them will be difficult. However soulmates do bring aspects of ourself that we need to address, we can either face the challenge or walk away.

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In a soulmate relationship we tend to navigate more on conditional love, usually through these we become more tolerant in our life, which teaches us to have acceptance and forgiveness as we grow and move forward in life. The soulmate connection will never go way, its a connection that changes and at times we may not realize it.[wp_ad_camp_4]

Many believe that twin flames come with no karma. There are many theories out there and each one maybe different. I believe there are more twin connections happening now on earth to help raise the vibration much faster, however some twin flames are spiritually not ready.

The twin flame encounter throws each partner into facing each others needs before their work on humanity can begin. Working on ourself is very important, when we work on our selves we are actually helping our twin flame work on their self.



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