[lmt-post-modified-info]Is your bond with the person you love a soulmate connection? How many soulmates can one person have? Will you ever find your Twin Flame and be together once again?

We all, at some point, have wondered at least one of these things. The good news is that we all have or will most likely encounter at least one soulmate throughout our lives, or if we’re lucky, reunite with our Twin Flame.

By now, you must be wondering what a soulmate is precisely, and how do we know when we’ve even met one?

What is a Soulmate Connection?

A soulmate is someone who we feel deeply and profoundly connected to. We feel as though we are connected beyond the physical dimension.

They are people who’s souls have made an agreement before incarnation to meet up in this lifetime. Each one of us can have many soulmates, and they are not necessarily romantic relationships.

A soulmate connection can be felt with a parent, a best friend, a lover, or even a stranger! They are all meant to cross our paths and always do so with perfect universal timing.

The profound soulmate connection does not usually go unnoticed; when you meet someone who is your soulmate, you will feel a strong interest and attraction to them.

You might meet someone and feel as though you’ve known them for years, you and your best friend might feel like you were sisters or brothers in a past life, there might even be someone who keeps showing up in your life at the perfect times, and it feels as though it were part of some divine plan.

These are all examples of people who could be a soulmate.

With a soulmate connection, two people understand each other on a level that other people don’t. Soulmates will feel connected and concerned about each other even when they are far apart and even if they have only met once.

There is a sense of purpose in each other’s lives and a strong desire to fulfill that purpose throughout our lifetime. It’s also possible to have a soulmate connection with someone who isn’t part of your normal life.

There may also be people out there whom you have never met, but upon meeting will feel an instant soulmate connection.

Karmic Soulmates Connection

Soulmates, having had a connection with you from the spiritual plane or a past life, might exist with karmic baggage. They can sometimes bring out strong emotions in us and force us to face issues we have yet to overcome in our lives.

This can be an uncomfortable process, and sometimes we may get the urge to fight it, but it is essential to face those conflicts within ourselves and release them, so we do not carry them with us into our next lives.

It is important to remember, a soulmate connection is eternal and will never fade away. Soulmates exist to help us go through our spiritual journeys with unconditional love. This will enable us to grow and live with acceptance and forgiveness towards the negative things that happen to us so that we may feel more at ease.

Twin Flame Connection

Although soulmates are commonly known to be profound romantic connections, it is the Twin Flame connection that truly sets our souls on fire. These are the connections that are stronger and more profound than any other.

The Twin Flame connection is one of ultimate balance. Two people with an equal attraction towards each other and incredible similarities. Meeting your Twin Flame will transform your life and immediately set you on track to living out your life with purpose.

For your Twin Flame, it will feel the same as it does for you and will transform their lives as well. If you begin a partnership with them, your lives will start to synchronize, and it will feel as though your two separate lives have now become one.

Two Separate Energy

The legend of the Twin Flame connection is a beautiful one. The legend says the energy of an oversoul is too big for it to incarnate into physical form.

So the divine source allowed the oversoul to create smaller entities we know as souls, each with an energetic mirror of itself. The souls could incarnate into physical human forms perfectly, so they did just that.soulmate connection

Upon arriving on Earth, the soul’s could feel they were not complete and were now destined to search for their energetic mirror over many lifetimes in the hopes of reuniting again. Once reunited, they would feel complete, only to be separated and begin the search again in each lifetime to follow.

Dedicated to my darling heart Susan.

Joining up with your Twin Flame causes an increase in frequency and can be accompanied by many intense sensations. There is a wild sense of “knowing” when you meet, as your soul yearns to be with their energetic mirror, intertwined like binary stars.

The best part of meeting your Twin Flame is a feeling of “coming home” or an extraordinary sense of belonging. Words don’t give this feeling much justice, but if you are one of the lucky ones, who’ve met their Twin Flame, then I am sure you know the feeling well.

Accomplish Bigger Dreams

Living life with your Twin Flame, you will feel you can accomplish much bigger dreams than you could on your own. Your dreams and vision for the future are the same and often perfectly synced.

This is because Twin Flames are a mirror image of each other. They are incredibly similar in ways most people are not. There is such a strong connection between them; they may feel each other’s emotions and pain or even read each other’s thoughts.

Romantic Soulmate Connection

Although most of us will have met at least one romantic soulmate throughout our lives, meeting your Twin Flame is rare. If you have not met your Twin Flame yet, you are not alone.

Twin Flames seldom incarnate in the same timeline, and most will live their lives forever, searching for their souls other half.

This is not necessarily bad either, as it may not be the right lifetime to meet again. Your soul has to be prepared for the enormous shift that happens when you are finally reunited.

If you currently have a romantic soulmate connection, treasure it as they are truly special and, if nurtured correctly, can be very fulfilling.

If you are still unsure whether you have experienced a soulmate connection or met your Twin Flame, don’t give up hope! Your soulmates and Twin Flame are searching for you too at this very moment; they may even be closer than you think.