There are times when soul mate dreams signs occur, it could be we dream about our soul mate for many different reasons under various situations.

These soul mate dream signs could be just our subconscious mind, working out things about the relationship we are in.

However, if you are not with your soul mate, they could be signs that you might be hearing or meeting your soul mate sometime in the future.

These soulmate dreams signs can also refer to dreams on the astral plane, where your soul or higher self has met their soul mate.

We can learn more about these dreams and signs, we have listed some of them below.

Soulmate Dreams Signs And What They Mean

Meeting your soulmate

One of the common soul mate dreams is meeting your soul mate.

Most often you would dream of somebody special coming into your existence.

You will probably have this dream many times, but this person will be the same. You feel a very strong attraction towards them, the feelings could be romantic in nature.

Sensing their presence

Another soulmate dream sign is knowing how they would physically look, or you might have a sense of their heart and soul.

Often these dreams can be prognostic because they are allowing you to see the person who might be coming into your world.

Revealing important clues about your current relationship

These dreams can occur when you are already in a soul mate relationship.

when you are dreaming about your soul mate and you are already in a relationship with them then it reveals that the relationship is progressing.

They could also reveal potential problems in your relationship that might arise. Don’t ignore these types of dreams, but rather be aware of them and find solutions if the problem does occur.

Dreaming about your ex

Often soulmate dreams signs arise when you are no longer with your soul mate.

These dreams can be upsetting or comforting.

If your soul mate ended the relationship and you had no communication with them for years.

But one night you were dreaming about them and that dream felt very real.

You felt they were there that night. It might be an intimate dream, many of the soul mate dreams tend to be intimate in nature.soulmate dreams signs

Soul mate Dreams in the astral plane

Many of the soul mate dreams happen in the astral plane. One of the reasons why they are very real.

So when you wake up you may feel that they were with you.

You can smell them and feel them, these sensations can often be too much for you, but know that soul mate dreams are treasures from the Universe, allowing you to have experience with your soul mate even when they might not be part of your life.


Sometimes you will have a premonition of meeting your soulmate in dreams and Deja Vu’s.

A good friend of mine described their soulmate’s physical appearance by writing it down and met them a few days later.

Are you dreaming about your soul mate? Please share your experience we love hearing from you.

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