We come across many soulmates in our life, in the form of friends, family members, siblings, lovers and the list goes on.

Sometimes, a distant stranger from a different part of the world can turn out to be our soulmate.

We can develop a spiritual bond with a variety of people.

The energy exchange which takes place between two soul mates is what creates this spiritual bond.

Some people think that they have only one soulmate.

Their misconceptions confound their minds.

In this baffled state, they let cynicism rule over their minds and forget that love and spirituality are always there for the grabs.

All you have to do is believe and keep an open mind.

The Magical Powers of Telepathy

The soulmate energy exchange is a truly wonderful thing.

It imparts certain magical powers to a soul-mate relationship.

One of these powers is telepathy which enables soulmates to communicate and tap into each other’s conscious, even when oceans separate them.

Sometimes telepathic abilities develop to such an extent that they can be used to stimulate the subject on whom they’re being used.

Soulmates use telepathy to alter moods, manufacture happiness out of nothing and to heal each other’s emotional wounds.

Ability to connect in the spiritual realm

Everything in this universe is composed of energy.

The universe itself is a powerful energetic presence.

But some people vibrate at higher energies than others. People who are spiritually evolved and have attained ascension have a high vibration as compared to those who haven’t.

Soulmates are also beings who have been endowed with spiritual illumination.

When two beings possessing such a high vibration do a soulmate energy exchange, they can meet each other in the spiritual realm.

The spiritual realm is the fifth dimension where the laws of physics are inapplicable.

In this place, they can communicate with each other with such clarity that is inimitable in the physical world.

Spiritual Evolution

Most of all, the soul mate energy exchange helps them to evolve at a faster rate spiritually.

Most of the times, soulmates come in our lives to inflict pain and suffering that are prerequisites for enlightenment.

The relationship only serves to catalyse our spiritual growth and nothing else.

It prepares us for our twin flames that are our fated partners.

Unlike many soulmates, we only have one twin flame which is essentially our soul-mirror and complements us perfectly.

Many people confuse soulmates with twin flames.

A sense of familiarity

Due to a soulmate energy exchange, our soulmates seem familiar to us.

We spend many lifetimes with them before meeting them in the material world.

All those memories we’ve created with them lie dormant in our soul reservoirs until we reencounter them as human beings.

A soulmate energy exchange can result in a deep compassion and love.

It can also help twin flames perceive each other’s emotional state.

They can help bring out the best in each other. And most of all it enables them to heal each other’s pain in times of acute suffering.

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