We are not as surprised by unfamiliarity as we are by the familiarity of the same thing in a different light.

That is why, we are dumbfounded when we come across someone who is a total stranger to us, and yet feels like someone who we’ve known since the beginning of our existence.


Such a mental sensation is an indication that you’ve stumbled across the spirit of one of your soul-mates from a past life.

Why have they appeared in our life all of a sudden? It might be to teach us a valuable lesson or to get us in touch with your higher-self.

The universe has a collective consciousness that transcends the understanding of individuals, and that is why sometimes, we must course through the entire experience.

In order to unveil the mysterious reasons behind it.

The union with the spirit of a soul-mate from a past life can have varied meanings. Some of them are discussed below.


Signs you’ve met your soul-mate in a past life

You understand each other on a profound level

Whenever you’re with this mysterious stranger, you feel as if you know them on a profound spiritual level.

They also reciprocate your understanding. There is no feeling of disquietedness in their presence. Living with them is like settling into a neighbourhood you’ve spent your entire life in.

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Sometimes, when we’re around strangers, they unnerve us and make us feel out-of-place because of the resounding difference in spiritual energies.

However, such differences completely diminish when you’re with a soul-mate from a past life, because of soul synchronicity.

You understand the significance of your union with your soul mate at once.

It’s a given that when you have a deep-seated emotional and spiritual understanding of someone, an involuntary surge of emotions crowds your mind with intense feelings of love.

You might feel this way because you don’t want to risk losing this soul mate from a past life again.

You instantly know that this encounter with them is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and you desperately want to make it as worthwhile as you can.

You don’t want this golden opportunity to spend a lifetime of joy and happiness with them to just slide by.

Your soul-mate evokes certain dormant memories

Our memories stay repressed until we are exposed to people and things that we’ve made these fond or distressing memories with.

You shared multiple spiritual lives with your soul-mate, and when you come across them in the material world.


Your intuition evokes memories of old and activates memory centres of your brain that were dormant for aeons.

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You get flashbacks of spending a vacation with them in the countryside or facing a critical period of your lifetime together.

You haven’t acquired these memories in your life in your physical form but from a past spiritual existence.

Even though the time you’ve spent with them is minimal, you still trust them wholeheartedly. Your intuition approves of their existence.

Whenever you’re around them, you feel an innate feeling of trust and sincerity.

Words come easy when you’re communicating with them, and this leads to the sharing of deepest and darkest secrets, without hesitation.

Confiding them is a no-brainer because they make you feel you’re in a place where you finally belong. They make you feel like you’re finally home.

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