We all want to have a perfect relationship. When you feel comfortable with someone, sense a deep connection, or experience natural affinity, you think that you have found your soulmate; but, that bond could be something stronger than that. Without your knowing, that person could be your twin flame.

If you have little or no knowledge of the spiritual world, you must have been confused with the term “twin flame” because “soulmate” is the only person you have longed for. To make things clear, here are the simple definitions of both words:

Soulmate: It’s the person who helps you to learn life lessons. You may have a deep connection and bond, but the relationship is not always romantic.

Twin flame: It is the one’s perfect match, true love and literal other half.

If you look deeper, there’s is a lot of difference between a soulmate and twin flame. Here are some major differences:

Soulmate vs twin flame: How many you encounter in a single life?

You may find one or more soulmates in your life, but you may encounter only one or no twin flame.

Soulmate vs twin flame: Mode of Relationship

Soulmate relationship could be romantic or non-romantic. You can have many soulmates in one time. Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet define a soulmate as your spiritual brothers and sisters.

It could be your mother, best friend, sister, brother, spouse, teacher or any person on earth whom you feel connected with. Although, many times, soulmates have great marriages and they become perfect life partners, but they are not necessarily each other’s twin flame.

Twin flame can become your soulmate, but your soulmate cannot become the twin flame. You have only one twin flame with whom you share the same origin. You both are the parts of the single soul which are divided into two bodies.

Twin flames are a mirror image of each other. When the God descends one soul into two bodies, one gains the masculine or positive polarity and the other gains feminine and negative polarity; they are part of each other and thus called twin flames. When the relationship is romantic, it is more than being sexual only. Their polarities attract them towards each other always.

Soulmate vs twin flame: Reasons of Coming Together

Soulmates often come together because they have an unknown attraction towards each other; twin flames feel the same. In both relationships, you feel destined to be with them. This attraction provides the sense of achieving some mysterious goal or accomplishing a divine task. Twin flames often have similar, but soulmates have different life goals.

Soulmate vs twin flame: What They Achieve

Soulmate relationships make you aware of the world and yourself. They help you to know your inner consciousness. On the other hand, twin flame sparks the consciousness of the entire planet.

Soulmate vs twin flame: How To Differentiate

Well, it is not easy to differentiate between a soulmate and a twin flame. All you need to do is to follow your instincts. You always know what your heart says, and you should trust it. Finding a soul mate or a twin flame is wonderful in its way. What matters most is your happiness. If you are happy with the person, stop searching for the signs and live that relationship at its full.

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