Soulmates and Soul Family: Who Are They?

Soulmates and Soul Family: Let is start with the first keyword first. What does it mean to be a soulmate to someone? The dictionary definition of a soulmate is “a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.”

While Wikipedia defines it as “a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity,” which could include friendship, love, spirituality, trust, sexuality etc.
You can argue that it could be simplified to mean the lifelong partner for each other, and you will still be right. But what makes it the difference is in the level of awareness.


Soul Family Who Are They?

Lifelong partners implied a mutual understand for one another’s passion and love, while the level for soulmates goes above that. In The Symposium by the Greek philosopher Plato, the original humans were born with four set of limb, a two-faced head, and genitals of both genders. Long story short, fearing the might and pride of the humans, the Gods would punish the humans, splitting them in half, thus the men and women were created.

The humans would forever long for the other half of their soul. Once they were to find each other, unity would ensue with an unspoken understanding of the partner and thus true happiness would follow.soul family 1

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See it as you may, soulmates do not have to entail romance. It is the idea of your other half, or for a more philosophical take on the subject, discovering yourself. In the path you are taking to search for your true half, do you ever consider that you are true to yourself in the first place? Many probably are blinded with the idea of looking for the another that they neglect themselves in the first place. It is a two-way process, and you do not have to always be the one taking the initiative.

Soulmates And Soul Family Are Not Always Romantic

Soulmates pertain to a more instinctual or intuitive level of bonding. Like you had known this person for a long time, even if you just met them. A chemistry with each other perhaps? The emotional bonding can often be mistaken for romantic attraction, although it is not necessarily so. Soulmates do not have to involve physical bond. The idea of the other half stands that you both understand each other because you had similar experiences, flaws or face the same challenges. You are literally seeing another you in your soulmate.


In the case of soul family, the idea of other halves seems to be a little of a stretch. It is the same idea as a whole. The idea that your “extended” family completes the perfect bond between the members of your soulmates. People you can similarly trust as you would with your blood family.

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Who are soulmates and soul family? They are the people you just know you will have a lifelong bond with, and they too feel the same way. While it does not always end with the fairy tale happiness, you have this unconscious understanding with one another that there is love for one another, albeit it is not always the romantic love.


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