Soulmates and Twin Flames – Whats the difference?

Soulmates and Twin Flames – The quest for karmic relationships, soulmates and twin flames is to find love and the perfect relationship, its also quest for wholeness.

Throughout out my life I have experienced three types of relationships which guided me to my path of wholeness. The three types of relationships are, twin flames, soulmates and karmic relationships.Soulmates and Twin Flames 1


Twin Flames Relationships (Soulmates and Twin flames)

Twin flames share a unique destiny and were created in the beginning.

They were created as one but were separated as two spheres, one as masculine polarity and the other as feminine polarity.

They do have the same pattern of divine identity. Most often twin flames spend some life times together and some apart, their tie seems to be eternal.

When they have spiritually united with their higher self. Twin flames will ascend together and be with each other forever. Twin Flames isn’t the only soul completing relationship.

Soulmates Relationships

From my understanding soulmate is very different from twin flames. Each of us have only one twin flame , however we do have countless soulmates.


According to research by many, soulmates share a mutual mission for spiritual development. Soulmates usually come together because they are doing work on the same karma at the same time.

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Most often soulmates have an attraction which is established on sacred labor and on the path of self mastery.

Karmic Relationship

The other relationship is the karmic relationship, two people are pulled to balance their mutual karma.

Karmic relationship tend to be tightest and start with the strongest attraction. I believe this is because our soul has a profound desire to be free.

The soul has a inner knowing that this relationship is key to resolving and balancing karma. Which is sometimes harsh, such as hatred, violence, abandonment or maybe even murder.

Twin Flame Union And Twin Flame Awakening

The union between twin flames is considered the perfect alchemical marriage.

The law of cosmic consciousness requires that we must first establish our own special identity in the whole of Source.

Then we can unlock the spiritual capabilities of our twin flames. We are continually linked to our twin flames. Some say the twin flame is not your other half of your soul but one soul. The masculine and feminine in two individual physical bodies.


The twin flame awakening or twin flame union is when there is certain degree of spiritual mastery and knowledge of oneness in their own individual selves before a reuniting with each other.

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However if this spiritual mastery is not present within you, then you won’t be able to cope with the mass of your karma because the karmic energy will be increased by the presence of your twin flame.

The very same distinctive aspect which gives twin flames their great spiritual power and blueprint can also amplify their negative and positive patterns.

It is good to understand the difference between the spiritual relationships we have and see that soulmates and twin flames relationships are unique in their own special ways.

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