Soulmates vs. Twin Flames: What’s the Difference?

We hear a lot of talk about soulmates: finding them, recognizing them and loving them. We all look to have that perfect special someone to spend our lives with, but as many know; finding a soulmate isn’t so simple. To complicate matters even more, there is also the concept of twin flames. While both terms are often used interchangeably, there are actually differences. So what exactly is the difference between soulmates and twin flames?


Looking at the word soulmate itself gives some clues: soul + mate. Soul is obviously your spirit or the eternal part of you. But when we look at the word “mate” things get interesting. A mate can be defined as several things. It can be a marriage partner, a friend, a worker or counterpart. A soulmate is not limited to the realm of romance.


Soulmates often agree to incarnate and help each other learn while here on the earthly plane. Many continue this pattern throughout several lifetimes until the lessons are learned or the contracts are fulfilled. The goal is to balance the karma along the way and eventually move on to greater growth.

Your twin flame can also be a soulmate, teaching you a great deal about yourself and your place in the cosmos.

So in reality, any type of relationship can be used for these purposes. Think about some of your closest relationships like family and friends. Do you feel a deeper connection that goes beyond the traditional bonds of family and friendship? Perhaps no one “gets you” like your best buddy or guides you like your sister. A soulmate is a kindred spirit that can show up in any kind of relationship—romantic or not. And there is no limit to the number of soulmates you can have!

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Twin Flames

The concept of twin flames developed among the ancient philosophers, mystics and sages. At the moment of a soul’s creation it was split into two halves, each exploring a different aspect of spirituality or duality. One side is the divine masculine spirituality; the other is divine feminine spirituality. A twin flame is essentially the other half of your soul.

Twin flames don’t often go though incarnations at the same time. Usually one will incarnate while the other stays and assists from the higher realms. As your soul progresses, the time may come for you to be reunited with your twin flame on the physical plane. This person can be of the same or opposite sex, but spiritually they will encompass the yin or yang essence to complement yours.


When you are with a twin flame you feel complete. This person is a true mirror of yourself, which may prove to be challenging. Yet while the relationship may have its difficulties, there is an unconditional love and bond that sticks. A twin flame is like the ultimate soul mate. Although you can nave many soulmates, you can only have one twin flame.

Comparing Soulmates and Twin Flames

The goal of this incarnation or any other is your soul’s growth. Undoubtedly you will have many relationships along the way. You will encounter many soulmates, some romantic and some as spiritual family or friends. You’ll often run into soulmates time and time again in your lifetimes. They are here to help you learn lessons on the path towards reconnecting with your twin flame.

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Your twin flame can also be a soulmate, teaching you a great deal about yourself and your place in the cosmos. The difference being that this is your energetic soul’s complement or other half. You only have one twin flame that may or may not incarnate at the same time as you.

Don’t stress over connecting with your twin flame or with a soulmate for that matter. Both the Universe and your Higher Self knows who and what is best for you. Let them guide you to those souls that help you love and grow!



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