The Spican starseed is a rare type of soul that originates from the star system Spica in the constellation of Virgo.

They are very intelligent beings and have psychic abilities due to their connection with Spica’s energy.

Spica starseeds are also known for being creative individuals who enjoy making art, music, and writing books.

There are two types of spican starseeds, one has a physical feline appearance and the other is a white-bodied light being.

Spican Starseed Origin

Spicans are from the star system Spica in the constellation of Virgo. Spica is the 15th brightest star in the night’s sky.

It’s also known as Alpha Virginis and is a bluish binary star with a 4 day period. Spica lies about 250 light-years from earth.

Since Spican starseeds are extremely rare we know very little about their origin.

Spican Starseed Appearance And Personality

Spican starseeds have a feline appearance with cat-like eyes. They are very strong beings that will protect those they love no matter the cost!

Spicans value honesty, family, and friendship more than anything else.

Spicans also have good intuition about other people’s feelings or situations. They can become easily depressed as well as mentally drained.

Spican starseeds are very empathetic and open-minded people who love to help others with their problems!

Spicans can be hypersensitive at some points, this means they will pick up on the smallest of things like the tone in your voice or even something someone may have said that has negative vibes behind it that is not intended.

Spican starseeds are not very good at hiding their emotions, this can lead to them being taken advantage of.

They will show you everything about themselves and how they feel without any hesitation.

They tend to be shy at first but once you get passed that, they have a lot to offer!

Spicans are very kind and will always be there for you!

Spican Light Beings

The other type of spican starseeds are light beings, they are energy beings.

They are very rare and very different from Spican starseeds as they are not physical beings.

They also have extra abilities such as being able to read thoughts, see the aura of others and move objects with their mind just by thinking about it!

Spican Starseeds on Earth

Spican starseeds can take on many different forms, including humans, yet have the appearance of being feline in nature upon closer inspection with sight or sound perception.

Spica Starseeds have a very strong connection with nature, animals, plants, trees.

They tend not to have a good connection with technology and can be overwhelmed or confused by it.

Spican starseeds also tend to walk barefoot more often when they are outside of their homes.

Spican Starseed Traits

As mentioned, spicans are extremely rare starseeds, but there is a chance you might be drawn to their energy, so here is a list of traits to watch for.

  • They are sensitive to energy.
  • Have an awareness of the world around them.
  • They can see below the surface since childhood.
  • They always tell the truth and seek it.
  • They accept and love all people.
  • They are empathic.
  • They can feel other’s energy, emotions, and intentions easily.
  • They can help others heal emotionally or energetically with their hands.
  • Spicans do not advise unless it is asked for because they know all paths lead back to oneself.
  • They want to be friends with those who are downtrodden.
  • They live a vegan lifestyle or live holistically.
  • They have an intellectual and philosophical mindset.
  • They are spiritual seekers.
  • They are always in search of knowledge.
  • They want everything done right and perfect.
  • They are introverted.
  • They have a brilliant mind.
  • They are good at finding patterns and connections.
  • They have an amazing connection with animals and nature.
  • Their energy is beautiful and abundant.
  • Spican starseeds can be very powerful, but they do not seek power over others.
  • Technology confuses them, but they are adaptable.
  • Spicans are very peaceful.
  • They have a deep desire to heal the world and humanity.
  • They have amazing intuition.
  • In their childhood, they are seen as old souls.
  • They have a strong connection with the stars and solar systems.
  • Their favorite time of day is twilight, dawn or dusk because Spica energy heightens at those times.

Spicans are very attractive people but this might not be obvious to others around them.

They do not care about how they look on the outside as much as they care about how they feel on the inside.

Spican energy is something that everyone needs to experience at least once in their lifetime! I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t think Spica starseeds are amazing people with a lot of light and love.

Spican Starseed Gifts

Spican starseeds have an abundance of gifts for humanity. Spicans, like all starseeds and walk-ins, want to heal the world.

They have a deep calling for this from their soul. Spican energy is very healing and nurturing both energetically and emotionally.

Spica Starseeds tend to be natural-born doctors and healers who can help others release pain by working with energy.

They can help people heal their emotions and memories. Spicans are also very good at helping people reprogram subconscious beliefs that hold them back from being happy or successful in life by working on the physical, emotional, mental planes of existence.

Spicans have a unique ability to aid humanity in this way because they have a deep spiritual understanding of the world.

Their energy is very intuitive and intellectual, so they can easily teach others how to better work with their own energies or see what they are doing that isn’t working in life anymore.

They also can perceive future events before they happen through dreams or premonitions.

Spican Starseed Mission

Just like the other starseed on earth, Spicans also have a mission.

Spica starseeds are here to heal the earth and humanity with divine love, light, knowledge, and with their spiritual abilities.

They want us all to wake up spiritually so we can remember how magnificent we are as eternal beings of energy!

They want to teach us how to love ourselves and others more deeply.

Spican starseeds are here to help restore our souls, mental health, emotional well-being, physical bodies, and the environment of planet earth back into divine order with love!

Spicans want us all to get off this ride called life that is headed for destruction because it does not have humanity’s best interests at heart and learn how to make choices for ourselves instead.

They want us all to remember who we are as immortal beings of pure light and energy!

Spica starseeds can help people with this process using their intuition, clairvoyant abilities, or the knowledge they have gained through past lives.

Challenges Spican starseeds face

There are many challenges spicans face on earth. They are always trying to help others, but they often need some guidance themselves.

Spican starseeds can face self-doubt and lack of confidence in their abilities due to ridicule or negative experiences with family members who may not believe and know about the spirit world.

They also have trouble fitting into society because they are different. Spicans can struggle with feeling alone or misunderstand by others, especially those closest to them.

Spican starseeds have a deep calling for healing the world but this sometimes makes it difficult to fit into a normal society where people don’t understand why they are so sensitive and emotional about certain things.

For them to live a healthy life on earth they need to find a community or group of people who understand them.

It is important Spicans remember their mission and why they chose this life in the first place, it can be easy for them to forget when hard times come along.

Spicans should write down their purpose and put it somewhere they will see every day.


If you are a spican starseed then know that you are not alone and that you have come to earth at the perfect time.

Spican starseeds will play a huge role in healing humanity and planet earth so we can all live happier, healthier lives together.