When your spider spirit animal appears in your life, it symbolizes your creativity, feminine energy, and patience.

It can also warn you of your dark side, and to be wary of your temptations and desires.

Understanding this symbolism can bring many benefits to your life, including a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

Spider Spirit Animal: Architect Of Creativity

This animal is one of the animal world’s greatest architects, with some able to weave webs up to 25 meters in diameter – spanning across an entire river!

The species responsible for the most significant recorded web is Darwin’s Bark, which itself is only 1.5cm long and weighs about half a gram.spider spirit animal- Spider web

When your spider spirit animal gains power, your powers of creativity go through the roof.

You will find yourself dedicated to building something intricate and time-consuming, whether as a hobby, a spiritual endeavor or even as a side business or professional task.

Patience, Receptiveness

They display the epitome of patience.

It can be weeks between meals, and it is vital for them to stay still while they wait – both to conserve energy, and so as not to scare off potential prey.

Its ability to stay completely still for weeks at a time is impressive and can show us a little wisdom.

Good things come to those who wait, but only if they’re waiting for the right thing.

Spiders who set up their webs in the wrong place die waiting for a meal, whereas the better planners will see the rewards of what they have sewn.

Your spirit animal begs you to be patient, but only once you have the correct preparation in place.

Waiting around to see what happens is no good – you have to be proactive.

But waiting can be a part of a proactive plan, as patience is often needed to see the positive effects of your actions.

Your Dark Side Lingers

Arachnids, whether they creep you out or you think they are adorable, are predators.

Many are venomous, all eat other animals/insects/arachnids, and each one is perfectly designed by evolution to be deadly to its prey in seconds.

Even the tiniest packages can contain a dangerous payload.

Your arachnid spirit animal warns you that deep within there is a part of you that is capable of being a monster.

Knowing this part of you is important, as you must have control over it.

Knowing the damage, you can do will help you to avoid ever using it in anger or revenge.

Humans, far more than spiders, are incredibly dangerous when they lose self-control.

Having a dark side does not make you a bad person.

Your dark side is a result of your emotional trauma and is essentially a defense mechanism you keep around just in case.

Your spider spirit animal is suggesting that you take stock of your shadow self and work to address the trauma and old wounds that have brought parts of it up to the surface.