Are you feeling tired after the spiritual awakening process? Feeling tired is one of the common spiritual ascension symptoms. So why do we feel tired?

Because you had so much energy moving through your body, you either felt hyper and happy or had profound sadness in your life and felt very depressed.

You are constantly processing many of the spiritual ascension symptoms and your daily job, your life style and now you are realizing none of this fits any more.

With all this thinking and processing going on in your body, you’re now feeling tired. You have zero energy to do any of the things you used to do.

The tiredness energy comes from the kundalini energy, where your soul is trying to merge with your body, everything is being processed and what you don’t need is being taken out allowing you to grow as a spiritual person and your true self.

This processing hits your physical body hard; you may imagine this higher vibration spiritual energy coming into your third dimensional body.

Spiritual Ascension Symptoms, Healing From Feeling Tired

Your body will heal and repair itself and the spiritual energy will start to settle.

Unfortunately our world is not setup to help people going through this, we are on our own to get through these tiredness symptoms.

This energy will slowly go away, after you have gone through all the processing and adjusting, how long it will take?

This depends on how much work is needed for you to figure out things and how quickly you want everything back to normal.

When you have figured out what you need to do spiritually, mentally and physically. Here is simple way to get a head start and feeling better again.

1. Do what brings you happiness.

2. Do the things that bring you better health.

3. Do what’s needed getting you closer to your spiritual purpose and mission.

After you have gone through these, you will realize you have more energy. This energy is trying to wake you up, that you should be healthier, you need take care of yourself etc.

In the spiritual awakening process you have to let go of all the past things you have been putting your energy into.

When you begin to do things for yourself, doing more what makes you happy. When you are happy grounded and calm loving person taking care of you.

Your energy level goes up, no longer feel tired and then you can help others if you wish to do so.

When you go through the spiritual awakening process it can be very difficult and tiring, you know many of the spiritual ascension symptoms and what you need to do feel better.

It’s up to you to become the best version of you.

Are you going through a spiritual awakening? Tell us your story.