Spiritual awakening after meeting soulmate: Most people experience spiritual awakening after meeting their soulmate. The concept of love has been misinterpreted now and again. To most people, love is an undying energy.

Well, in this article, I want to set the record straight. Not every love weathers the crushing tide of time. Sometimes, love enters into our lives to propel us towards spiritual awakening.

Most of us are cynics because we don’t understand the arrival and departure of love. Tell me, if a meaningful thing departs from your life, will its impact on your life fade away as well? Of course not! Spiritual awakening extricates us from the materialistic dump of the world.

It opens our heart to unceasing love and light. And sometimes the medium of this spiritual awakening is transitory soulmate unions.

Just because our relationship with our soulmates doesn’t last, it doesn’t mean that the time we spent with them was useless.

Spiritual Awakening after Meeting Soulmate: Siblings, friends, family and loved ones

Soulmates can be our siblings, friends, family, loved ones or even complete strangers. Most people believe that they will only have one soulmate in their lives, but that is farther from the truth.

We have so many soulmates in our lives, and each one of them teaches us valuable lessons about love, betrayal, joy and grief, raising our vibration in the process.

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Forget about the “till-death-do-us-part” romanticism for a bit and try to grasp the importance of fleeting relationships. Most of us our relationships turn bitter fast, but they also make us spiritually stronger. In a way, soulmates are a vehicle of spiritual ascension.

How? Let’s expand on this topic and understand this further.

Meeting a soulmate is a formidable experience; there’s no doubt about it. You feel this instant spiritual, physical and emotional connection with them.

It’s emotionally overwhelming and teeters between borderline happiness and euphoria. But, this powerful spark sometimes misleads people into thinking that this person is “the one”.

However, this is not always true. Let me make it clear to you, earlier in this post; soulmates are not your destined beloved to be. Your fated partners are your twin flames.

But let’s not deviate from the topic at hand and keep the discussion centred at soulmates.

Soulmates and emotional baggage

Soulmates partially complement you. You might feel as if they’re the missing puzzle of your soul.

They might have complementary beliefs, concepts, traits and that might make you think that they complete you. But, that line of thinking is driven by cultural stereotypes.

Your soulmate is not here to complete you. They are here to give you the power to make yourself whole. Your soulmate mirrors your pain.

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There are so many emotional conflicts within us that need resolution. We never resolve them until we muster up the courage to face them head-on. Our soulmate drives us, or sometimes even coerces us, to face these dark energies within us.

Most people undergo the dark night of the soul after meeting their soul mates. The dark night of the soul is a period of constant anguish.

During this period, you struggle against your deepest insecurities. After successfully navigating the dark night of the soul, you emerge as a changed person.

You spiritually illuminate and leave emotional scars, obsolete beliefs, and manipulative influences behind you.

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