Spiritual Awakening After Meeting Your Twin flame

When you first meet your twin flame, many things change in your life in your soul, mind, and at a body level. Twin flames are one soul in two bodies, and when the soul recognises its other part, it just wants the reunion. Spiritual awakening after meeting your twin flame comes with lots of things.

Sadness Conquers All:

You feel sad and lonely because your soul feels alone without your twin flame. When you didn’t know your twin flame, your soul was living freely; but once you recognise your twin, your soul wakes up from the deep sleep and identifies the real meaning of your incarnation.

Also, your soul feels bad about its past experiences and where it had spent the previous life. But this feeling doesn’t last long and soon fades away.  Sometimes, sadness is all you see, and you start to cry. You want to stop, but it is out of your hands; tears drain the old and negative energy out of you.

Family Doesn’t Feel The Same:

Past karma connects you and your biological family. Meeting your twin releases you from your karmic cycle; the breaking of the bond will make you feel that your family doesn’t feel same and so will your old friends.

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But once your soul gains power again, you won’t feel distant from them and may initiate a new relationship with them that has no karmic background, but it is built solely on love and care you have for them.

Changes in Sleeping Pattern:

Spiritual awakening is not a simple task and requires lots of energy. As so much is going on within you, you find it hard to sleep properly at night especially between 2:00 and 4:00 AM. At this time, the veil between our world and the spiritual world is the thinnest, and your soul wants you to gain more.

Physical Disabilities:

When you are under the energy shift, sometimes your body is unable to come up with new energy transitions, and that causes physical disorientation. You don’t feel like leaving your bed, walking becomes quite hard, and you feel lazy. When your body learns to ground the new energy, you will feel active again. Your neck, shoulders and back also hurt for no apparent reason.

You Feel Impassionate:

Nothing seems to excite you at all. You don’t want to do anything. As you are in the process of spiritual awakening, you need to reboot. It’s just like shutting your computer down and then restarting it. There could also be a change in career or job because nothing seems to fit anymore and you want to change.

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Extreme Dreams:

You see battles in dreams or monsters. It is the symbolism of losing old energy.

You Want to Return Home:

Even though the earth is your home, you don’t feel like it. You want to go away somewhere out of this world; you wish to go home. As you have finished your karmic cycles, old energies are drained from you. You have changed with new energy, and your old life didn’t make sense. You want to leave everything behind and move ahead with your twin to achieve your higher self.

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