What is Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is an ethereal phenomenon that aligns your material and spiritual realms, providing you with an unprecedented sense of clarity about your real purpose in life.

When you’re undergoing spiritual ascension, a state of disillusionment makes you realise that everything you’ve acquired from the superficial world is surplus.

All your old beliefs, ideologies, thoughts were imposed upon you, and they only served to steer you away from reality.

There is much more to life than meets the eye. During spiritual awakening, you’re in pursuit of your higher self, one that perceives living in a different light.

And once, the period of awakening has passed; you will metamorphose into a spiritual being that vibrates at a higher level.

What is Vibrational flu?

Vibrational flu or spiritual flu is an undetectable flu that happens when there is a fluctuation in chi (Life-energy) levels. This abrupt fluctuation can elevate chi levels, cleansing our bodies of harmful toxins that have accumulated in our spiritual bodies over the course of many years.

The sources of these toxins are karmic relationships, abusive marriages, emotional traumas, envy, gluttony, and other negative factors.

These contaminants form a blockade against our chakra points, disrupting the balance of the body and spirit. In an energy shift, a surge of energy careens into these blockages and sweeps them away, restoring the pathway of the chi.

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A cataclysmic upheaval of energy can result in the vibrational flu, because our spirits sometimes lack the resilience to cope with the intense vibration of energy.

Sings of Spiritual awakening

After the spiritual awakening, you seclude yourself from your old entourage and focus on other important aspects of your life. You chase your destiny with a newfound hunger.

The derisive and abrasive remarks of people no longer affect you. They’re just minor obstacles in the path leading to your destiny.

You are exceptionally aware of your internal and external environments and are capable of destroying negative emotions, such as jealousy and fear in their wake. You feel in control.

You no longer find any meaning in jobs and careers that are just a means of personal gratification. You feel driven to help others even if you fail.

You’re a collective conscious. You feel connected to other people through empathy. You gain telepathic tendencies and can sense the hurt people are going through even if they don’t express it to you.

Symptoms of Vibrational Flu

Your body is attuning to a higher frequency during a vibrational shift, and it makes you feel as if someone is drumming inside your ears.

In the vibrational flu, as the body is offloading negative energies such as fears and insecurities, you might feel intense physical pain.

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The flood of energy rams into the lump of debris blocking the flow of the eye chakra located in the centre of the forehead. This recurrent battering can initiate intense headaches.

You might also feel disconnected from people you’ve known your entire life. This might happen because you no longer vibrate at the same level as they do. This can lead to vibrational flu.