What Are The Spiritual Awakening Process And Signs?

What are the spiritual awakening process and signs? Many of us have gone through life believing everything is well, then one day our reality is shattered and we go through many symptoms and life changing situations not knowing where to turn or how to even manage. There is confusion and everything we have believed in no longer is our truth.

I am sure you have gone through this or going through this stage now, possibly facing the dark night of the soul. Listed below are 8 signs of spiritual awakening process.



8 Spiritual Awakening Process We Go Throughspiritual awakening process

1. You are experiencing great burst of both physical and wonderfully creative energy and then you feel sudden, almost inexplicable tiredness. It’s not only your physical body that feels tired. You feel a profound exhaustion, deep within your soul.

2. You feel dizzy and ungrounded. You may feel a tingling sensation in your root chakra. At the same time your dreams are very vivid and colourful. Your ears are ringing or you may hear the tone. This is your kundalini rising, this is your earthly nature trying to fully integrate with your spiritual nature.

3. Sometimes you feel like you’re running on empty, like you have nothing left and yet the next minute you feel bountifully full, blessed, and grateful for all. This is your consciousness expanding. Expansion and contraction is as natural breathing.spiritual awakening process 2

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4. You’ve had multiple sudden and sometimes quite abrupt life altering changes occur. You’ve had to let go of many people and things that you once held dear. This is your consciousness teaching your body about the fluidity that is necessary for multi-dimensional movement.


5. You are suddenly able to feel great love and compassion. But at the same time you feel inexplicably hurt and angry. You may feel a sense of loss.

6. You’re craving for self-improvement of your mind, your body, your soul and change in your circumstances.

7. You have a sudden realization that things and people you thought were one way, and would be that way forever, are not that way at all. Perhaps they never were. As your intuition and old beliefs systems fall away, you are being asked to transcend the illusion.



8. You have physical sensations of your third eye opening, and you may be able to actually see your third eye. You may have sudden headaches or a stuffed up feeling in your crown chakra opening and connecting up higher and higher into the spiral.

The spiritual awakening process can be breathtaking and at the same time painful. We feel and see what’s needed to peel away the layers, this process makes us a stronger being. Enjoyed our article? Leave a comment we love hearing from you.

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