Spiritual Awakening Symptoms you Need to Know

The many Spiritual Awakening Symptoms you should know about

As we go through our journey of awakening, many things about you may change. You will go through many experiences, changes and many spiritual awakening symptoms that are related to awakening. However at the beginning of spiritual awakening the signs and symptoms you may experience are much less in numbers.

Even when these symptoms are less in numbers, in my opinion they can be more intense, sometimes they can be very overwhelming to the point that it makes you laugh.

When you are at the first step of your self discovery and self realization, the spiritual awakening symptoms you might experience can be very powerful that they begin to completely transform your life.

Your soul within you begins to realize the illusion of life and there is a deeper meaning waiting for you to discover, as you begin to detect this, your body, mind and soul begins to transform.

11 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

5 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms and Experiences you Went Through

1. Your body aches and you have many pains, in the neck, shoulder and back. this is because of the changes at your dna level as you awaken from within.

The ache and pains you feel is because your body is being upgraded and made new. You will understand more as you progress, things like aging, decease and limitation are freed in this new body.

2. Another spiritual awakening symptoms is feeling of deep inner sadness for no reason at all. This is because you are releasing your past, this includes other life times and this causes the feeling of sadness. Many aspects of you are being released/transmuted.


All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before eyes and cry that it is dark.

Many of them won’t be easy to release, others are comfortable past relationship and personalities that need to restored . You can either say Good bye or I love you. You have served me very well and I no longer need you.

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3. When you are crying for no apparent reason, its similar to above. I believe crying is good for your health and one should let the tears flow. It does help release old energy within. There are so many emotional energy within you, its better to allow then to ask questions.

4. When you have sudden urge of career change, which is very common in spiritual awakening symptoms. I feel when you change, things around you will change as well. Its not important to worry about finding the perfect job or career. You will probably go through many job choices before you settle in, this is because you are in transition.

5. You may withdraw from family and friends. You are now connected to your biological family through your karma. When you are off the karmic cycle, old family relationships are released. After a duration of time you may develop a new relationship with your family if its necessary for you.


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