Having a nice hot bath is a great way to wash away the negativity of the day, but if you want to maintain top spiritual health, then you should be taking occasional spiritual baths.

Spiritual baths are not like standard baths. The idea is not to clean your body but to cleanse your aura.

Intrigued? Follow this step by step guide, and you can elevate your wellbeing with a spiritual bath.

Spiritual Bath Basics

A spiritual bath is a ritual and needs to be treated with respect. Therefore, you should plan your spiritual bath in advance, and have everything you need to hand.

Set aside sometime when you will not be disturbed. If you can time this to coincide with a full moon, then that is even better.

Before having your spiritual bath, you should shower then clean the bathtub. The tub needs to be clear from soap and oils, and you should be clean before you get into the spiritual bath.

There are three basic types of spiritual bath:

Salt Bath

By adding half a cup of Epsom salt (or any other high-quality salt) to a warm bath, you can create a cleansing, spiritual bath that has lingering protective effects.

Salt is well known as a negative energy cleanser, and with its ability to stay on the skin it provides a layer of protection for a while afterwards.

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Baking Soda Bath

If you prefer, you can use a cup of baking powder in a warm bath for its additional detoxifying effects.

It will leave you feeling physically and spiritually healthy, which is a great way to combat negativity when bad energy builds up.

Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

Just a few drops of apple cider vinegar can turn a hot bath into a spiritual experience.

This type of spiritual bath has been popular for centuries, seeing lots of use as a way of combatting colds and flu.

The effect is very much like Olbas oil, but the aura cleansing powers of apple cider vinegar make this spiritual bath very positive spiritually.

Making The Most Of Your Spiritual Bath

A spiritual bath should be no more than once a week. Otherwise you will lose the ritual importance, and it will have less effect.

Once a month is about perfect, and lining it up with the phases of the moon is ideal.

You will want to spend at least twenty minutes in the spiritual bath, engaging in some kind of cleansing meditation.

For the first time, close your eyes and imagine yourself bathed in white light as the water absorbs negative energy.

Once done with the bath, drip dry if you can. Using a towel can take away some of the cleansing power left on your skin, which is a waste.

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You can use essential oils, though a little goes a long way in a spiritual bath as you don’t want an overpowering experience.

Lavender oil is perfect for setting the right ambience for a spiritual bath.