Humans seek out love. It is what we do, unlike almost every other species on this planet. For most of us, looking for love is a long process of trial and error that leaves in its wake a snaking series of severed relationships and heartbreak.

And we might enter into too many relationships while searching for a life partner.

Most will not make it past the first few dates, and some might develop into sexual relationships, few of those will go further than that.

But, from the moment we allow ourselves to open our hearts to a lover, we move from a purely physical and emotional relationship into a relationship with a spiritual bond.

The Soul Reaches Out

What we need to understand here is the nature of lovers – or rather the nature of the relationship we have with them.

When we meet someone who we ‘click’ or have chemistry with, what we are experiencing is the soul recognising similar energies and vibrations in the soul of another person. A compatible soul.

And the soul yearns for connection with compatible souls.

This triggers a spiritual reaction that affects us in many ways. Our heart wants to open, and we want to share intimate details about ourselves.

We may feel a strong physical attraction too as the soul encourages a connection.

And their soul is doing the same, with any luck.

Souls want to connect. That is why we are such social animals – the universal ascension process imbues the soul with the primary objective of experiencing soul connections, or spiritual bonds.

The soul knows when there is compatibility and lets us know. This is manifested through intuition.

The Spiritual Bond

And, once the spiritual bond is open, once we accept this person as a lover, we are doing the work of the universe. This can be fulfilling.

We all have a bit of a tendency, or at least an urge, to throw ourselves into these relationships. We want to lose ourselves in love.

Highly sensitive people – that is, people who are particularly susceptible to spirituality and connected to their higher selves – might find that this urge is difficult to ignore.

That feeling is the insatiable pull of a spiritual bond.

Not My Destiny

But this spiritual bond, unlike the spiritual bond between soulmates or twin flames, is not a permanent one.

Like all spiritual bonds, the bond we share with a lover is karmic in nature. We should learn from this bond, learn from the relationship.

We should do this with the knowledge that this, like almost every relationship we have had and will have, will most likely come to an end.

But we should not feel sad about that. Or at least, we should not dwell too long on it.

Our lives are full of spiritual bonds, with lovers and friends, soulmates and twin flames and everything inbetween. Each one provides its lessons, each one has its purpose.

And whether this spiritual bond between lovers stands the test of time or not, our responsibility is only to establish, nurture and learn from the spiritual bonds we make along our journey.