Do you feel tired and lifeless, like emptiness has settled in your heart and it does not let you do anything with zeal and zest? You do everything just for the heck of it. There’s no drive or vigour in your actions. You feel clueless and purposeless.

You don’t know where you’re headed, but you’re still treading on that path with dead eyes. Spiritual exhaustion can cause these symptoms, and leave you hanging in a dry patch if you do not take immediate measures to rejuvenate your soul. Here’s how you can recover from spiritual exhaustion.

Find peace of mind

The mind and soul share a profound connection. If peace of mind is disrupted due to external or internal causes, the soul ceases to function. Your mind might feel strained due to anxiety, depression or pressing financial concerns. Anything that unsettles the mind directly affects the well-being of your soul.

Clear your mind, empty your heart, and exhale the troubles of the world. Find the space inside your mind that hasn’t been invaded by insecurities and fears, and inhabit it until your mental energies are replenished. Don’t indulge yourself in activities that burden your mind, such as watching TV or spending long hours on the internet. Practice the art of meditation to calm your nerves.

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Stay away from noise and anger

Noise of any kind unsettles your mind. Quarreling and fulminating in anger exacerbates your mental health. Find an empty room in your home, and steer clear of noise and unnecessary conversations.

You have to find a way to create silence inside your mind, to stop the voices inside your head. Silence has exceptional powers of healing. A day in the company of silence is no different than a day in rehab.

Rejoice in the company of loved ones

Revel in the company of loved ones, people who encourage you and bring out the best in you. You can absorb their positive energy and use it to recharge your soul. Isolation can lead to overthinking, and nine times out of ten overthinking leads to negativity.

Just talking about what you’re going through and sharing your feelings with family and friends can unburden you from your emotional baggage.

 Have a meet and greet with nature

Nature liberates you from your tensions. It bewitches all life forms. Its hypnotising beauty makes you forget about your fears and insecurities. Go to a spot rife with nature, and try to paint or write. Converting nature into art can enable you to truly appreciate its beauty, and can bring you closer to its soul.

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 A warm embrace

Every human craves physic content. It’s part of basic human nature. If you do not get a warm hug from someone close for an extended period of time, your skin becomes frigid and dry. Ask your loved ones to give you a warm, friendly hug. A hug has a lot more positive energy when it comes from someone you genuinely care about. Sometimes, a small gesture such as a soft embrace from a close one can diminish your spiritual exhaustion.