Have you ever had a vivid and unsettling dream that sticks with you long after you’ve woken up? 

Dreams about possession often fall into this category, leaving us questioning their deeper significance. 

When you dream about being possessed, it’s hard not to wonder what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Understanding Possession in Dreams

Dreams are like the mirrors of our subconscious mind. They reflect our fears, hopes, anxieties, and, yes, even our suppressed emotions. 

The concept of being “possessed” can be frightening to many, but from a spiritual standpoint, it might signify a transformative phase or a deep-seated desire to let go and be controlled by a greater force.

Dream Scenarios of Possession

Being possessed by an animal spiritYour primal instincts are taking over. You may be called to connect with nature or tap into raw, untamed energy.
Floating or levitating while possessedA desire to rise above earthly concerns or a feeling of being ungrounded. Is something making you feel disconnected?
Being possessed in a crowded placeA fear of losing oneself amidst societal pressures or the chaos of daily life. Do you fear judgment or being misunderstood?
Undergoing an exorcismA profound need for purification or liberation from burdens. It might suggest that you’re on the verge of a personal overhaul.
Possession during a ritual or ceremonyYou are transitioning phases in life. Perhaps you’re undergoing a rite of passage or initiating a new chapter.
Being possessed by a deceased loved one.Unresolved emotions or the need for closure. Or, it could be their way of imparting wisdom or assurance from beyond.
Dancing or singing uncontrollably while possessedExpressing suppressed desires or emotions. It may be time to let loose and embrace the rhythm of life.
Speaking in an unknown languageThe subconscious trying to communicate something crucial. Are there hidden talents or truths you need to explore?
Resisting possession but feeling powerlessShe is battling internal demons or deep-seated anxieties. It’s a call to confront and address this head-on.
Being possessed by multiple entities simultaneouslyFeeling overwhelmed or torn in different directions. Are you juggling too many responsibilities or emotions?

Being possessed by an animal spirit

Dream Scene: You find yourself in a dense jungle. Suddenly, a fierce tiger appears and merges with your body. You feel its power and raw energy coursing through your veins.

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Interpretation: Animals often represent our primal instincts and inherent nature. Being possessed by an animal could suggest that you’re tapping into your raw, untamed energy. It might invite reconnecting with nature or embracing your innate strength and instincts.

Floating or levitating while possessed

Dream Scene: Darkness surrounds you, and a gentle force lifts you, making you float above your familiar surroundings. You’re both awed and slightly disoriented.

Interpretation: Floating or levitating can symbolize a desire to transcend earthly concerns or feelings of being unanchored. This dream might hint at feelings of disconnect or the aspiration to rise above material or mundane worries.

Being possessed in a crowded place

Dream Scene: You’re walking in a bustling market, and suddenly, you feel an unseen force controlling you, making you act out of character while hundreds of eyes watch.

Interpretation: Crowds can represent societal pressures or collective consciousness. Being possessed in such a setting might highlight fears of judgment, losing oneself amidst the chaos, or the challenges of maintaining individuality in conformist settings.

Undergoing an exorcism

Dream Scene: Bound to a bed, you thrash around as a priest chants prayers, trying to free you from the evil entity inside.

Interpretation: An exorcism, a ritual to expel negative forces, can symbolize a deep need for purification. This scenario could indicate your subconscious pushing for liberation from burdens or negative influences.

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Possession during a ritual or ceremony

Dream Scene: Amidst chanting and drumming, you’re at the center of a circle. As the ritual intensifies, a spirit guides your movements and speech.

Interpretation: Rituals often mark transitions or rites of passage. Being possessed in this context may represent personal transformations, a new chapter, or a phase in your spiritual journey.

Being possessed by a deceased loved one.

Dream Scene: In the quiet of your room, the spirit of a departed family member merges with you. Their memories, emotions, and messages flood your consciousness.

Interpretation: Such a dream might indicate unresolved emotions or the need for closure. It could also be seen as the departed’s way of offering guidance or assurance.

Dancing or singing uncontrollably while possessed

Dream Scene: You’re in a grand hall, and as a spirit enters, you begin to dance or sing with abandon, losing yourself to the rhythm and melody.

Interpretation: Dance and song express joy, passion, and emotion. This scenario might be a call to release suppressed feelings or a reminder to celebrate life’s rhythm and spontaneity.

Speaking in an unknown language

Dream Scene: Surrounded by puzzled faces, you speak fluently in a tongue you’ve never learned, conveying messages you don’t consciously understand.

Interpretation: Speaking in unfamiliar languages can hint at the subconscious mind’s attempt to communicate vital truths. It could also signify the surfacing of hidden talents or aspects of oneself.

Resisting possession but feeling powerless

Dream Scene: Despite your efforts to resist, an overpowering entity attempts to take control, and you feel helpless against its might.

Interpretation: This scenario can symbolize internal battles with personal demons, fears, or anxieties. It’s a potent reminder of the need to confront and address inner struggles.

Being possessed by multiple entities simultaneously

Dream Scene: In a whirlwind of emotions and sensations, you feel pulled in myriad directions as multiple spirits vie for control.

Interpretation: Juggling various feelings or responsibilities in waking life can manifest as this intense dream scenario. It’s a clear signal to step back and reassess life’s demands.

Symbolism in Possession Dreams

ChainsA sense of entrapment. Maybe you’re feeling tied down by responsibilities?
Bright lightAn “aha” moment or divine intervention. Perhaps clarity is on the horizon?
Dark shadowsThose pesky suppressed emotions or unknown fears making a cameo.
Ritual objectsYour spirit’s call for purification or a notable transition in life.
Sacred spacesYour inner self seeking refuge or protection. Maybe it’s time for some self-care?

For instance, if you dream of chains during a possession dream, it might symbolize your longing for freedom or a break from the norm. 

It’s like your inner self whispering, “Hey, maybe it’s time for that vacation you’ve been putting off.”

Psychological Interpretations

From a more grounded perspective, dreams of possession could hint at internal struggles. Remember that argument you had or that deadline looming overhead? 

These stressors might manifest as unsettling dreams, making it essential to address them when awake.

Spiritual Interpretations

On the flip side, spiritual interpretations veer towards the ethereal. That dream possession may be a nudge from your guardian spirit or a sign of impending transformation. 

It’s like the universe’s saying, “Brace yourself; change is coming!”


Dreams, especially those as potent as possession dreams, can be enlightening and alarming. But remember, our dreams are just reflections, echoes of our waking life mixed with a dash of spiritual mystery

So, the next time you’re possessed in a dream, take a deep breath, dive deep into its meaning, and embrace the journey of self-discovery it heralds.