Blue jays are beautiful birds. They’re striking, with their brilliant blue feathers and the way they fan out when they fly.

The spiritual meanings of a blue jay can be interpreted in many ways, depending on which culture you come from or what your beliefs are.

In Native American cultures, for example, it’s believed that if you see a blue jay in your dream, it is telling you to listen to your intuition and follow through with something new.

Blue Jays also represent imagination, insight, and wisdom. They symbolize knowledge seekers or those who want to broaden their minds by seeking answers.

They also symbolize the ability to feel joy and happiness inside yourself—a sense of peace and contentment with who you are.

You should know that blue jays are one of the most spiritual birds you will encounter, not only do they symbolize joy and happiness but they also symbolize acceptance.

It’s believed that blue jays are messengers of joy, a good omen for success in the future.

Spiritual Symbolism of Blue Jays

Blue Jays are seen as divine messengers because they bring you a message of hope and happiness. It will cheer you up with its lively song which symbolizes the changing of seasons, from dark days into sunny ones. The blue jays also symbolize a promise that all would be well in time.

Seeing a blue jay will change your mood instantly because it’s such a beautiful bird.


One of the symbolism for a blue jay is that it represents a community. Blue jays are one of the few birds that live in groups and even raise their younglings together.

Seeing a blue jay will signify your connection with other people, it is not just you on this journey called life. You are always connected to others because we share similar challenges and have similar worries.

Blue Jays also represent unity as they live in a group and are not territorial. This is a good lesson for all of us to learn about unity, how we should live together with others without feeling threatened or competitive.

Seeing this bird will signify that you have found your community and already share the same values as them.


Blue jays can also symbolize truthfulness because they never hide or deceive. This is the same for us, humans, we must be honest with ourselves and others.

Seeing a blue jay will signify that you have found your truth and are ready to move on from past mistakes or misunderstandings with other people.

You need not hide it anymore because there’s no point in regretting everything when all has been forgiven.

The blue jay also symbolizes the truth that there is always hope. With its cheerful song, it signifies that all would be well in time and you should not lose hope but keep on fighting because happiness lies ahead of you when life gets tough.


As mentioned above about not losing hope, a blue jay also symbolizes that you are determined to face life’s challenges. You are not easily discouraged and will always try again no matter how many times you fail.

Seeing this bird signifies that everything is possible if you have the courage to keep on going despite what other people say or think about you.

One of my favorite quotes as a reminder for when I’m feeling down is “When one door closes, another opens.”

Seeing a blue jay will signify that there are many opportunities to try again and learn from your mistakes. You should always be determined because you never know how things could change if you just give it time.


You can achieve your goals in life by being more assertive, and a blue jay can symbolize this.

It is not aggressive but assertive because it knows what it wants in life and will fight for its right to have that, without fear of being rejected.

Seeing this bird signifies the need to be more confident with yourself so you don’t hesitate in your actions anymore. You need to be assertive and fight for what you want in life, without fear of being rejected.


The blue jay is also a symbol of beauty because it is such an attractive bird with its vibrant color that makes everyone happy just by looking at it.

Seeing this bird will signify the beautiful things happening in life and how life is just as beautiful.

Spiritual Growth

A blue jay represents your spiritual growth as well. Seeing a blue jay will signify that you are growing spiritually, learning new things, and being more accepting of yourself.

You should always be trying to improve your spiritual growth because it is never too late for any changes in life.

This bird also symbolizes the need for balance and harmony with nature. Living harmoniously with all creatures on earth will make you happy and healthy, as well.

Blue Jay Spirit Animal

Your blue jay spirit animal represents your good-natured, inventive spirit. You’re persistent and determined in the face of opposition. People admire your courage because you are not afraid to pursue what’s important to you even if it means facing challenges or taking risks.

Your blue jay spirit animal symbolizes:

  • Positively speaking with the voice of your inner wisdom
  • Thoughtfulness and empathy for others
  • A willingness to help those in need

Blue Jays In Your Deam

When you see a blue jay in your dream, it can represent many things for example wisdom, a new direction in life, or the need for an intervention.

  • Blue jays are often viewed as messengers and helpers from spirit guides that will lead you to your truth.
  • If blue jays were flying around peacefully then it could represent peace of mind and thoughts
  • Sometimes people see them trying to take something away: this can represent a need to let go
  • Seeing the blue jay in your dream can also be linked with staying true and holding on tightly to what you believe.
  • If they were screeching or making a lot of noise, this could represent that you need to listen closely.
  • Seeing them eating: this can sometimes indicate that your thoughts are feeding into some situation
  • If they were fighting with each other then it may be linked with competition.
  • If the blue jays in your dream were just sitting on top of something or on a branch, this could represent that you are enjoying the peace and calmness in your life.

In most cases, blue jays symbolize happiness or experiencing feelings of joy.

The spiritual meaning behind every animal is different because each person has their own individual experiences with them so it’s important not to generalize when interpreting your dreams.

For example, there could be a spiritual meaning behind the blue jay that is different from what you are expecting.

Is it good luck to see a Blue jay?

Yes, seeing a blue jay is a positive sign.

If you are experiencing feelings of fear, anxiety, or sadness then seeing a blue jay can be seen as helping you back to balance.

Blue Jay Symbolism in Native American Culture

Blues jays were seen as noisy, arrogant, prideful, and selfish birds.

The elders also believed that they lie and cheat and if one were seen, it would be a sign of someone planning something against you.

They were mostly known as tricksters and one appearing near your home was a sign of bad luck. However, some tribes see the blue jays as something positive from spirit.

Spiritual meaning of two blue jays

What does it mean when you see two blue jays together?

Seeing two blue jays together symbolizes a deeper romantic connection with your partner, however, if you are not romantically connected with your partner, then seeing two blue jays could mean that you are yearning for a deeper connection with them.

If you are single then it symbolizes that you have a dream partner or soulmate in mind, and the potential for this to become a relationship is likely.

Spiritual meaning of a blue jay crossing your path

When a blue jay crosses your path then it’s a positive sign, with the above information we know that blue jays are a symbol of peace and tranquility.

They represent a turning point in your life to be calm, collected, and spiritual. Blue jays are also a symbol of good luck or happiness to come your way.

What does it mean when you see a dead blue jay?

Seeing a dead blue jay is never good, it may be a sign of sadness and loss. You can disregard this sign if you are happy in your life.

However, if you are not there’s a chance the blue jay is telling you to change your life so that it can be better and more fulfilling.


The blue jay is a powerful symbol. It’s known for its intelligence, loyalty, and beauty—three traits that represent what we hope to be as human beings.

When you see a blue Jay feather on your doorstep or hear its call in the woods, it may be a heads up that changes coming into your life soon. Or perhaps you are just reminded of how beautiful our world can be.