Cats have been the object of spiritual curiosity for a very long time. There is evidence of their worship as far back as the first Egyptian societies.

They have grown to represent a whole host of symbolic meaning in time, as well as becoming pet companions for many of us.

There is a lot of spiritual meaning we can take from the cat, and adopting the cat as our spirit animal – at least for a time – can teach us some crucial karmic lessons.

So let’s dig in and take a look at the spiritual meaning of cats.

Independence – Cats Spiritual Meaning

The cat symbolises the value of independence.

Much like a cat chooses its path and its own schedule, we must ensure that we are calling the shots in our own lives.

We are gifted this life and made responsible for it at birth, and we must ensure that we are the kings and queens of our own existence.

This means tackling tyranny in your life. An overbearing partner, a friend who takes liberties, a boss who gets pleasure from their position of power – they all wield control over you that they have no claim to.

The cat would not be ruled in this way, and neither should you.

Self Care – Cats Spiritual Meaning

The cat also symbolises the value of self-care.

Much like a cat spends so much time on grooming and cleaning, so should we spend time pampering ourselves and tending to our own needs.

Too often we are overly concerned with the needs of others, on what is expected of us and how we can be of service to those that we love.

But the fact is that we need to set time aside for ourselves.

We owe it to ourselves and to the world to keep our own house in order, as it is only from a position of strength that we can effectively serve others and fulfil our spiritual missions.

This position of strength comes from adequate self-indulgence – though we should always be careful that we are not overdoing it, as too much self-indulgence circles back to weakness.

It’s all about balance.

Transcendent – Cats Spiritual Meaning

Finally, the cat symbolises the transcendent, the supernatural and the unseen.

Cats have a mystique about them that we as a species have been enthralled by for thousands of years.

Over time they have come to represent that which exists outside of our senses – the things we cannot see, hear or touch, but that still affect us in other ways.

When we channel the cat as our spirit animal, we consider the spiritual and energetic dimensions of life.

We see that which is unseen – not by channelling magical power, but by a greater

understanding of the Universe we live in.

Overall, we can see the spiritual meaning of cats as being representative of the need for us to retreat within ourselves, take stock of ourselves and take care of ourselves.

By doing so, we strengthen our ability to complete the tasks that make up our spiritual journey.