Since the first of our distant ancestors emerged into human consciousness, we have gazed up at the cosmos and wondered about its mysteries.

For most of history, the sky was the primary way of navigation. But it has always been much more than that.

History is filled with accounts of the arrival of comets and the events that coincided with them.

With the arrival of the comet, we see its effect on the lives of the people recording it.

People have always studied the sky for passing comets in every culture in every corner of the planet.

But what has been discovered? What spiritual meaning can be found in the arrival of a comet in the sky?

Death and Destruction

The arrival of a comet is most often associated with death and destruction. Luckily, this is not to be taken literally.

While the comet may foretell the death of someone important, it is far more likely to signify the end of something less tangible.

A better way to describe it would be an ending to something, perhaps a relationship, a job, or even a way of thinking.

It also serves to remind us of the vastness of our universe and to remind us of our own mortality on the physical plane.


The comet’s arrival also signals a period of upheaval, the time after the death of the old things but before the birth of the new.

Our lives may be thrown into a period of limbo, a time where we feel uncertain about our path and reflect on our past mistakes and current shortcomings.

We can become unsure of ourselves where before we had certainty, upsetting the established order in our lives. Perhaps we are faced with decisions that seem too difficult to make, which overwhelms us.

It reminds us that we are not infallible, that we should remain humble and in a constant state of self-reflection on our path to spiritual enlightenment.


Finally, the arrival of a comet signals a rebirth within us, new beginnings from which we can begin the next part of our life journey.

We have witnessed the death of old things, ideas, and patterns in our lives. We have experienced a period of upheaval, where we are unsure of all the things we were once so certain of, and we have taken time to evaluate the path we were on.

Now is the time to start on a new path with the clarity that is reborn within us, as certainty and self-possession are reignited in our soul.

We must forgive ourselves our past mistakes and accept them as having passed. We must recognize our own shortcomings and decide to address them.

Now we must embark on this new journey, realigned with our soul, towards our true destination.

The comet serves as a reminder that all things are in transit on their own journey. We cannot forget to keep moving forward on our own.

Comet Dream Meaning

The dream of a comet is often representative of good things.

Comets represent happiness and success, as well as wealth – although the people who see them in their dreams will live out these ideals more than once, they’re also likely to be successful at home with loved ones around them.

If you think yourself very unlucky, then perhaps seeing this indicator may help change your fate?

Comets in dreams can also indicate travel, perhaps even journeys you’re unsure of taking.

You may be feeling very emotional, too – if so, this can serve to reassure you that your emotions are valid and that they should not go unacknowledged.  


What Does it Mean When You See a Comet?

Comets are usually considered bad omens, but they can serve as reminders of something important.

They typically signify the ending of something important to us. This can be a relationship, our jobs, or even an idea.

They also remind us how vast the universe is and how short life here on Earth is.

Comets also signify periods of upheaval, making us question everything we were so certain about before. We may feel like we don’t know what to do anymore, and we may even feel overwhelmed by the choices we have to make.

The comet also signals a rebirth within us, giving us a new sense of purpose that will help guide our path forward.

It reminds us that we should never stop moving on our own journey towards spiritual enlightenment.

Seeing a Comet in The Sky Meaning?

Seeing a comet in the sky is considered good luck, and it represents happiness, success, and wealth.

Comets can also indicate journeys we are unsure of taking, and they can also signify changes happening at home with loved ones around us.

The significance of a comet depends on the person’s interpretation, but it is mostly seen as a good sign.

The appearance of one in the sky signifies that good fortune will soon come into the dreamer’s life.

What Do Comets Symbolize?

A comet’s arrival is usually linked with death and devastation. Fortunately, this isn’t meant to be taken literally.

The comet is a potent sign that predicts the death of someone important, but it’s more likely to represent the demise of something less tangible.

The comet is often associated with change, upheaval, and destruction. It can signify the end of something important like relationships, jobs, or even ideas.

Halley’s Comet Symbolism

The most famous of all comets, certainly seen by the English astronomer and mathematician Edmond Halley when it passed around the Sun in 1682, was not discovered by him.

The credit for that goes back at least another 2,000 years to 240 BC when unknown Chinese astronomers noticed a “broom star” rising in the eastern sky.

It’s a comet with a bright nucleus and long tail made of dust and ice.

Halley’s comet symbolizes endings, finality, and things that are irreversible.

It typically represents a period of change or transformation.

Green Comet Spiritual Meaning

The green color is typical of the smog particles. It also symbolizes envy, jealousy, and betrayal.

The comet represents a period when we have to be careful about what kind of people surround us or approach us because they may have selfish reasons.

The green comet is a message from the universe that we should be more watchful in our dealings with others and not let down our guard.

So if you see a green comet, take a step back and make sure you know what your friends want from you before engaging in any activity with them.

Comet Leonard Spiritual Meaning

The appearance of this comet means that the dreamer has to let go of material possessions because they are preventing them from reaching enlightenment.

It is time to seek spiritual enlightenment and view life through a new prism.

This will allow you to appreciate everything around you, including your own self-worth.

Comet Leonard also symbolizes a journey to a new destination.

Comet Lovejoy Spiritual Meaning

The comet is a powerful sign that you need to assert yourself and your needs in all of your relationships.

You may be the one constantly giving while others take from you, or you may be taking too much without offering anything in return.

The appearance of this comet means that you need to put your foot down and say no sooner than later.

It may even represent a legal problem.

Comet McNaught Spiritual Meaning

The comet is a symbol of fame and celebrity status, so the dreamer has to be extremely careful about public image and reputation.

It is wise to keep a low profile and appear humble because the way we behave in public will define our reputation.

The comet also signifies riches, prosperity, and wealth.