When we go through our spiritual journey, numbers are essential.

They are not relevant in a mathematical sense; instead, their spiritual messages provide us the knowledge to help us in our spiritual journey.

So, they are essential, especially when life gives us roadblocks or an alternative path to seek.

Numbers Are Energy

Not in the sense of how energy is felt physically or wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Instead, numbers affect our thought patterns, and they help us find a better solution to things. It is a way for us to manifest in a metaphysical sense. 

For example, finding meanings to everything is essential to our spiritual journey. It gives us the knowledge to push forward, to connect the dots, or even complete the puzzle.

And the numbers in numerology is no different. I found the symbolism of numbers in numerology quite accurate. Sometimes, I am shocked and surprised by them.

And I am sure you were surprised as well?

Even backdating 30,000 years, numbers were used throughout history to predict certain things.

Here are some facts:

According to britannica.com, on their topic about “Number Symbolism.”

And they mentioned some essential points. For example, the ancient Babylonians observed the movement of planets and wrote them down as numbers. 

And they used the numbers to predict eclipses and other astronomical phenomena.

The priesthood of ancient Egypt used numbers to predict the flooding of the Nile.

And the cult in ancient Greece, Pythagoreanism, believed that numbers were the basis of our entire universe.

The Meaning of Number 10001

Most people know the number 100 as the number of wholeness and perfection.  For example, a perfect test score would be 100 or 100 percent.

However, we can add to the above definition because, in numerology, number 100 symbolizes independence, determination, and represents the infinity symbol.

So with the above sentiment, the number 100 helps you discover a unique way to approach life.

And it signifies that you are someone who is determined and don’t mind going forward alone.

The energy of number 100 also encourages you to take on the role of the leader.

The Energy Behind Number 100

The two vital forces that drive the vibration of 100 are either you work alone or like to be part of a bigger team.

So, you have to be observant in your life about roles that might be opposite or contradictory.

Do you prefer to work alone or like to be part of a team?

We can also look at how numerology expresses the number 100. 

In numerology, the number 100 is represented by the number one, because we have to add the individual digits.

For example, 1+0+0 equals a sum of 1.

How it is represented in numerology is quite essential because the suggested number has more power than the number or digits it came from.

The number one symbolizes independence and the ability to stand on one’s own feet.

While this independence may form the heart of the number 100. The digit zero also exerts its own influence, although to a lesser degree.

The zero represents the wholeness or to be part of something.

So as the number 100 represents self-sufficiency and the ability to forge your own path, it also embodies the ability to bring others in.

This is why the number 100 symbolizes leadership. 

The Positive Side of Number 10003

We know that the number 100 is independent and self-sufficient and someone that is a leader. But there is more to it.

Because someone who is a leader, usually takes the path others may fear, it’s also the path that will benefit you the most.

So when you see the number 100, its vibration is telling you to be the leader, and not follow the majority. 

Besides, a person who embodies the energy of 100 is not in search of praise.

Instead, they only look for opportunities to explore.

The Negative Side of Number 100

The ability to push ahead regardless of popular opinion can have its downsides.

For example, a single-minded approach to achieve a goal can lead to having no empathy for others.

Don’t let this discourage you, just because you are self-sufficient and independent. 

Using The Energy of Number 100 on Your Spiritual Journey04

Knowing the spiritual meaning of 100 is one thing.

But you also have to apply it on your own spiritual journey and learn to navigate any obstacle you might face along the path. 

You will learn that sometimes people will disagree with the path you have taken. But that is okay because it’s not their journey.

However, the most difficult obstacles you will face will be your own thought patterns and your mind’s internal noise. 

Can you overcome your own doubts and fears?

To overcome your own doubts and fears, you have to face them head-on rather than let that energy fester; by accepting the fear, we can create space within us. And that sentiment is also echoed by Eckhart Tolle.

Moreover, the vibration of number 100 can help you, because the message it portrays is that sometimes you can’t always please others or gain their approval. 

Instead, you have to focus on what matters most, which is your own spiritual development.

Final Verdict

If you think you have reached the pinnacle in your spiritual journey and yet you judge others for not accomplishing the same. 

Then you have missed the message. 

Because the number 100 message is to show empathy towards others by helping them along the path, whether they are new or advanced in their spiritual journey.

Developing enough awareness is the key to avoiding these pitfalls.

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