Having six fingers on one or both hands is a rare condition called polydactyly. It happens when a person has an extra finger or toe.


Polydactyly is caused by a genetic change or mutation. It can be passed down in families. Polydactyly can also happen randomly due to a change in a gene.

Sometimes it runs in families, so someone could be born with it if their parent, grandparent, or other ancestors had it. Other times it just shows up without any family history.

Spiritual and Symbolic Meanings

Some people believe that six fingers have symbolic or spiritual meanings. Here are some of the meanings associated with polydactyly:

A Sixth Sense

Having a sixth finger on a hand is linked to having a “sixth sense.” People with polydactyly are thought to have intuition and insight beyond their five senses. The extra digit represents their ability to perceive things that others cannot.

Good Luck

In some cultures, six fingers are seen as a sign of good luck and prosperity. They are believed to be marks of divine favor and blessing. People born with an extra finger are thought to be lucky, successful, and favored by higher powers.

A Special Destiny

Some spiritual traditions associate six fingers with having an important destiny or life purpose. The extra finger indicates that the person has a special role to play or a message to deliver during their lifetime. They are seen as set apart for divine service.

Magical or Supernatural Powers

People with six digits were sometimes believed to have magical, psychic, or supernatural powers in ancient times. Their extra finger was seen as an energy channel, amplifying their natural gifts and abilities beyond those of ordinary humans. Even today, some hold this belief.

Closeness to Spirit Realms

Shamans, mediums, and spiritual figures were sometimes depicted with extra fingers or toes in traditional societies. This symbolized their ability to cross between worlds, access non-ordinary states of consciousness, and connect with spirit realms.

Famous People with Six Fingers

While having six fingers is uncommon, several famous people were born with polydactyly:

Hound Dog Taylor

American blues musician Hound Dog Taylor had six fingers on both hands. His extra digits apparently helped him become an incredibly skilled guitar player. Fans saw his polydactyly as a mark of his musical genius.

Robert Chambers

Robert Chambers, author of the King in Yellow stories that inspired HBO’s True Detective, had six fingers on one hand. He sometimes spoke of humans evolving extra digits and sensory abilities.

Nicolae Ceaușescu

Nicolae Ceaușescu, former communist leader of Romania, was born with six toes on one foot. Some saw this as a dark omen, while others thought it gave him supernatural powers.

Gemma Arterton

British actress Gemma Arterton was born with six fingers on each hand. She had her extra digits removed as a child. Arterton has joked that the surgery robbed her of special powers.

Francisco de Miranda

Francisco de Miranda, a Venezuelan revolutionary general, had six fingers on one hand. Some historians claim this fueled his zeal for sparking Latin American independence.

So while polydactyly is rare, it has profound symbolic significance for some people. And it certainly hasn’t held back famous figures like musicians, authors, and revolutionaries!

Religious and Mythological References

Six-digit beings appear in various religious texts and myths across the world:

Giants in the Bible

The Bible references Nephilim giants born of human women and heavenly beings. Some later Jewish and Islamic legends describe these giants as having six fingers or toes. Their extra digits symbolized supernatural strength and origins.

Shiva’s Drum Damaru

In Hindu iconography, Lord Shiva holds a small two-headed drum called a damaru. This drum is shaped like an hourglass and is meant to represent the male and female energies of creation. It’s often depicted having six corners or sides, symbolizing the six seasons in the Hindu calendar.

Gilgamesh Epic

Enkidu, the wild man civilized by Gilgamesh in ancient Mesopotamian mythology, is described as born with six fingers. This unusual trait parallels his supernatural strength, non-human origins, and liminal status between nature and culture.

So polydactyly has long been seen as a mark of divine parentage, great destiny, and superhuman traits in religious and legendary contexts.

Here is the answer with headings and no bullet points or duplicates:

Is Having 6 Fingers Bad

Having 6 fingers, known as polydactyly, is usually a harmless genetic condition and not inherently bad. While extra fingers can sometimes cause medical issues like nerve compression or bone deformities, they often function fine. Many live normal lives with 6 digits. They may face social stigma, but polydactyly alone doesn’t negatively impact health. Unless fingers are nonfunctional or problematic, there’s no medical need to remove them.

Who Had Six Fingers and Six Toes in the Bible

The Bible references a Philistine giant warrior born with 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot in 2 Samuel 21:20. This unusual trait emphasizes his supernatural origins and strength as one of the giant Nephilim in scripture. His extra digits set him apart as superhuman.

Born With 12 Fingers Meaning

Being born with 12 fingers, or 6 on each hand, carries symbolic meaning in various faiths. It’s seen as a mark of divine favor, special talents, strong intuition, and extraordinary life purpose. The extra digits are believed to channel mystical energies, amplifying insight, creativity, luck, and psychic gifts. They represent a sixth sense and closeness to spiritual realms.

Born With 6 Fingers Meaning

Much like 12 fingers, being born with just 6 fingers has spiritual significance. The extra digit indicates metaphysical talents, future leadership, artistic skill, innate wisdom, and heightened intuition. It symbolizes a gateway between physical and spiritual worlds, exceptional capabilities beyond ordinary perception, and guidance from divine forces or ancestors.

Dream of Having 6 Fingers

Dreaming of having an extra finger can symbolize tapping into additional sensory abilities, creativity, perspective, opportunities or skills. It may represent embracing more holistic vision, spirituality, or unseen aspects of self or life. The dream could also reflect anxiety over standing out as different, or not fitting in with societal norms. In some cultures it signals upcoming luck and prosperity.

Six Fingers Lucky

There are many traditional beliefs that associate 6 fingers with exceptional good fortune, prosperity, and destiny. They’re seen as marks of divine blessing and favor. So in numerous spiritual and folk traditions, polydactyly is indeed considered very lucky rather than problematic. The extra digit is a harbinger of windfalls, success, abundance, and beneficial synchronicities.


In the end, six fingers carry profound symbolic weight in mythology, legend, and spirituality across cultures. While the causes are genetic, many view polydactyly as a mystical sign indicating unusual talents, luck, sensory gifts, and an extraordinary life purpose.


What is the meaning of six fingers?

Having six fingers, or polydactyly, carries symbolic meaning in some spiritual traditions. It is seen as indicating supernatural talents, extraordinary sensory perception, creativity, intuition, connection with cosmic energy, and an important destiny or purpose. Six fingers are linked to metaphysical gifts and insight.

Who has six fingers in the Bible?

The Bible references a Philistine giant warrior born with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot in 2 Samuel 21:20. His extra digits emphasize his superhuman strength and origins as a Nephilim giant.

Are people with six fingers lucky?

Yes, many traditional spiritual and folk beliefs associate six fingers with exceptional good luck and prosperity. The extra digit is viewed as a divine blessing and mark of favor. So polydactyly is often considered very fortunate.

What are the benefits of having 6 fingers?

Some potential benefits linked to having six fingers include amplified creativity, artistic talent, intuitive gifts, sensory capabilities, intelligence, leadership skills, luck, prosperity, mystical talents, and extraordinary life purpose. The extra finger is seen as channeling energies.

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