Red is a dominant color, even without considering it’s spiritual and esoteric meanings, red represents power and aggressiveness.

The Color Red Commands Attention

The red of a traffic light tells drivers to stop. A danger sign painted in red color immediately gets attention.

Moreover, even in social settings, the color red commands attention. For instance, women wear red dresses for a dramatic entrance to a party.

Most sports cars are also painted red to communicate the power hiding under the hood.

There is something about the color red that also invokes a passionate response.

In Spanish bullfighting, the matador waves a red flag around to rile up the bull and provoke it to attack.

And the phrase “seeing red” describes someone who is very angry.

Compared to colors such as violet or gold, the color red is of a lower vibration.

Yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that red is an inferior or even evil color.

Still, it’s easy to see how people can easily associate the red color with baser instincts.

The Color Red Represents Fiery Emotions

As mentioned before, red also represents anger. Red is powerful, but when it is out of control, it is a fearful force that can destroy everything around it.

That said, power is not a bad thing. The key is to use it properly.

A fire can burn a house down, but fire also cooks your food. In the same way, the power of color red is neither good nor bad.

It’s how you use it that determines how much you can progress on your spiritual journey.

Buddhism advocates the middle way, and one can use this guideline to ensure that energies of a lower vibration advance one’s spirituality.

In pranic healing, red prana is key to the healthy functioning of the lower chakras. Red is the color of warmth, life, vibrancy, and expansion.

The most physical expression is the red of our lifeblood.

For example, a healer uses red prana for its strengthening nature.

Red prana provides vitality to the body’s organs, blood vessels, and the skeletal system.

The Color Red Represents The Fire Element

In the hermetic tradition of Franz Bardon, the color red represents the Fire element.

Fire in the hermetic viewpoint is the element of the will.

This coincides with the need to exert proper control over this powerful force to use it for one’s benefit instead of one’s detriment.

Accordingly, this spiritual fire can fuel one’s spiritual advancement.

The Root Chakra

In the Indian tradition, the color red bathes the Muladhara chakra (also called the root chakra).

Housed deep within the root chakra is the kundalini fire.

When properly activated, the kundalini energy rises up the spine. It energizes each of the chakras as it progresses and eventually dispersing at the crown chakra.

The kundalini allows one’s consciousness to expand to a great degree and achieve a more magnificent fusion with one’s inner divinity.

Indeed, it’s incredible how interconnected everything is because the lower vibration of the color red is key to higher spiritual realization.

However, the spiritual energy of red is potent, and its energy needs to be handled appropriately to avoid “burning” oneself.

Variation Of the Color Red

The color red also comes with some variation and each with its subtle spiritual meaning. For instance, darker reds like burgundy or maroon signify an action that is restrained or complicated.

However, lighter reds like scarlet suggest less dominance and more energy.

Accordingly, the different shades of reds are;

  • Maroon.
  • Burgundy.
  • Pure Bright Red.
  • Scarlet.
  • Orange-Red.
  • Persimmon.
  • Flame.
  • Vermillion.
  • Coral-Red.
  • Carmine-Red.
  • Crimson.
  • Cardinal.
  • Ruby.
  • Cerise.
  • Garnet.
  • Claret.

Other Positive and Negative Spiritual Meaning of The Color Red

The color red continually shows it’s subtle meaning, whether we feel an emotion or feel good. But it can also be associated with something we rage about?

But we know that this beautiful hue arouses a mixture of emotions.

Light red symbolizes love and sensuality. Particularly passion and sexuality.

Dark red signifies power and energy—specifically, rage, anger, leadership, and evil.

Brownish red symbolizes masculinity.

Pinkish red contributes to feminine energy and also signifies gentleness.

Final Verdict

In summary, the above spiritual meaning is quite true for the color red. The lighter shades of red reflect peaceful energy, and the darker dominant red reflects power and rage.

Spiritually the color red has a potent energy, and if we can use it the right way, its energy can help heighten our spiritual lifestyle.

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