Whether we are aware of it or not, colors have the power to influence and change our perspective most subtly and subliminally. 

Like all physical matter, there is a deeper aspect to colors that extends to the energetic and the spiritual realms of light energy.

Everything from our environment to our emotions is made from the colors we generate from within and choose to decorate our outer worlds.  

How much you can assert control over your life is dependent on how aware you are of how your environment is affecting you. 

We do not claim that your environment is the only factor; we understand that many things alter us, but visual cues are powerful beyond words.

Maybe you have never thought about how colors are inherently spiritual, but to find yourself reading this article, you must be asking the question, “what is the spiritual meaning of the color yellow”””””””””?

Yellow is the lightest and brightest color on the color spectrum. It is the most visible hue to the human eye; it also seems to be lit from within by the way it glows. Spiritually it is related to our sacral chakra, stars, guidance, and more.

Let us take a more in-depth look at what is so wonderful about yellow, the color that glows so bright that it has it’s own shine, just like the sun.

Law Of Duality and Sacral Chakra

We are constantly awash in a sea of color that flows endlessly through the universe at light speed.

From the depth of saturated pigments in opal to the delicate, subtle pastels of fluffy clouds, colors are alive.

But Earth’s infinite 3D pallet is more critical to our existence than just beauty for us to admire and enjoy. 

Like everything in existence, the color yellow must also adhere to the law of duality. 

Thus, it’s essential to know the different qualities of the color yellow, both positive and negative, so that one may put that color to use in one’s spiritual journey.

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Colors hold emotional, spiritual significance; yellow is about deep emotions we store in our sacral chakra. 

Have you ever cried so hard that your tummy starts to shake with sadness as you weep? 

Or have you ever been so delightfully happy that your tummy bounces with great belly laughs?

We carry our emotions energetically in our gut, and that is also why when we feel nervous, it feels butterflies in our stomach. 

The duality of the sacral chakra is expressed vibrationally through the hue yellow; its vibration stores your deep feelings.

If we wanted to heal an emotional wound, yellow is the perfect color to invite into any therapy you undertake.  

The duality is feeling so happy and warm in yellows glow, whether you are in the sunshine or sitting in a yellow room. 

Guardian Hue

As you may guess, yellow’s spiritual properties reflect these same properties pertaining to shining your light and illuminating your spiritual path. 

Yellow is a guardian hue, shining its protective light, providing radiant energy as it escorts many to safety.

How does the color yellow glow like that?

Our physical eyes sense only one aspect of the color spectrum. 

Colors are energetic vibrations, and some vibrate so fast we can not see them at all.

We know that every color has a different vibrational wavelength, red being the longest, violet being the shortest.

Yellow’s wavelength is long and combined with bright luminous spheres, creates a glow that is perfect for our human eyes to see. 

There is no mistake that NYC taxis are yellow; they are bright enough to see in, rain, snow, and even in low light, to almost blackout conditions.

You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine, You Make Me Happy…

Ra, the Sun-god, really needs no introduction; yellow is synonymous with that great big ball of fire energy in our Earth’s sky and the stars that shine.

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It is the most cheerful of all colors and brings a warm, positive vibe to one’s mindset.

If you’re feeling down and weak, spend some time in the sun. Vitamin D is essential to human development, and it makes you feel good.

Not only is vitamin D beneficial, but it also makes you feel more energized and healthy. 

The early morning sun is the best as the sun’s energy from late morning until late afternoon can be too much for most people.

Gold For Healing

Because of the energetic nature of the color yellow, this color is also one of the colors symbolizing spiritual development. 

People in ancient times and especially now have put such a high value on gold.

In pranic healing, yellow prana cements and provides cohesion. 

As such, healers use yellow prana in the treatment of broken bones. 

Yellow prana also stimulates the nerves.

Going deeper into esoteric practices, yogis and other spiritual aspirants strive to achieve the golden body. 

The golden color is not on the physical body but the etheric and spiritual bodies. A clairvoyant will be able to observe this. 

Many murals and portrayals of yogis show them with golden bodies to represent their extremely high spiritual development.

Yellow Belly

With yellow being the color of wealth, positivity, and cheerfulness, it may be surprising that it’s also the color of cowardice. 

That’s why the phrase “yellow-belly” and “you don’t have the guts” exists.

Whatever the case, whether you love wearing yellow, use it to heal, or guide you, progress is faster on your spiritual journey when you take the time to understand how color affects you.