Spiritual Soul mate Connection: Soulmates and Twin Flames

In this article we will be discussing about spiritual soul mate, but why spiritual you may ask?

In my experience all soulmate relationships tends to be very spiritual in nature, while soulmates are about physical and mental connection, its also about learning to feel our way through life experiences, kinda of like preparation for something bigger to enter your life, whether you are ready or not. As reincarnation and karmic cycle maybe the deciding factor.

If soulmates are about physical connection and experiences on earth, then twin flames are much bigger deal, twin flame is your own consciousness or soul in another body which just like you has gone through many life experiences.

Meeting your twin flame elevates your consciousness, everything is intensified, all your faults, negatives, positives will be exposed, looking at your twin flame and feeling your twin flame will be like looking at straight at a mirror.

Lets find out what the spiritual connection between these different types of relationships are, trust me there are many, from my personal experience having gone through 100’s of soulmate experiences.

Different Spiritual Soul Mate Connections

All of these relationships belong to the same category of soulmates, pretty much they are very equal spiritually, however from experience they hold something different for everyone, example if you know someone who is going through the same relationships as you, its never the same spiritual connection. Our karmic cycle has something different for each of us.

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1. Companion Soulmates

This is the most common spiritual soul mate connection, these relationships tend to be the most harmonious and pleasing, but not as intense as twin flame relationship. Being in this type of relationship you both can achieve great things together and be life long partners.

Pretty much nothing can separate you, this does resemble a twin flame relationship, so its easy to feel connected this way. In terms of romance this relationships is great to be in, with great energy you can live happily for a long time.spiritual soul mate connection 1

2. Karmic Soulmates

Another type spiritual soul mate connection are the karmic ties, they are people from your past life and have unfinished business, so there is a need to reconnect. Why do I need to reconnect you might ask? Well the soul wants to be free of any karmic ties and the only way is to complete a closure on these relationships.

My experience in this relationships is that they present a lot of drama and negativity, although the relationships does have high points and you feel every thing will be great, things do stir up again. So whats the spiritual connection here then? You needed to experience these relationship to know more about yourself.spiritual soul mate 1

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I have an opinion that every connection has a purpose to elevate you towards better things in your life. If your in this type of relationship and you feel you have what you needed in your life, feel free to close this chapter in your life.

3. Twin Flames

Let me be clear about twin flames is that whether you are aware or not, you are always connected to your twin flame, its when you meet your twin flame in the physical plane, things get very intense. Twin flames are born from the same egg, the same source. You only have one twin flame and meeting them in the physical plane is very rare. If you wish to know more about twin flames please check this article: Signs That Reveal You Are In a Twin Flames Relationship

There are other relationships types I have not mentioned but they pretty much fit into the soulmate category. Other types of spiritual soul mate are, soul friends, true soulmates and karmic connections.


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