Spiritual Vibrations And Frequencies

When we talk about spiritual energy, what we are really talking about is the spiritual vibrations and frequencies within our subtle body.

Understanding spiritual vibration and the frequencies they come in is an important step in living spiritually.

So what exactly are spiritual vibrations and frequencies?

Spiritual Vibrations

Spiritual vibrations are pure spirit energy – the stuff consciousness is made of.

Energy has no mass and no properties itself. In order for energy to make a difference in the world – and for all intents and purposes, exist – it must vibrate.

Every action and every thought creates vibrations in the spiritual energy field. We are “creating” spiritual energy just by existing.

How we do that existing defines the spiritual vibrations we create.

But is all spiritual energy the same? Is it all just spiritual vibration?

Energy Frequencies

Not quite.

Although all spiritual energy is the same, and although it all vibrates, there is an infinite number of different frequencies it can vibrate at.

Think of the frequency as to how quickly the energy vibrates.

When we feel emotions like fear, rage, anxiety and hatred, we create low-frequency spiritual energy.

These low, rumbling vibrations weigh us down and cloud our minds. This is why a bad mood is so hard to shake.

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On the other hand, when we feel emotions like love, kinship, sympathy and awe, we create high-frequency spiritual energy.

This energy makes us feel lighter and more vigorous.

Taking Care Of Your Energies

The important thing about spiritual energies and frequencies is that higher frequencies always trump lower frequencies.

This means that although it is easier to accumulate low-frequency energies, creating high-frequency energies will help to wipe them away.

We can do this by living with kindness and conscience.

When we put high-frequency energy into the world by expressing love, performing acts of kindness and by being humble and charitable, we will get the same high-frequency energy back in return.

This is the law of karma.

But we also have to be mindful of the low energies that we are bound to pick up at some point along the way.

Some people always have low-frequency energy whirling around them as they act selfishly or with malice.

The less time spent with these people, the better, frankly.

When we spend time with someone, we share some of their energies – that is, they take some of ours, and we take some of theirs.

This is usually good as good people raise each other’s vibrational frequencies.

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But when low-frequency energy plagues one person, the other may find themselves saddled with a slice of it.

As always, the best way to ensure we are clear of this low-frequency energy is to meditate, bringing up all the negative and, with a breath (or nine, on a rough day) clear it all away.

Article written by spiritualunite. Please link back to the original article when sharing. Namaste.

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