Energy is the building block of life, and it has the ability to vibrate and manifest itself in highs and lows. Energy vibrations hold paramount importance because they have a massive effect on how we perform mentally and physically in our lives.

Energy is fuel on which all of life runs. Without it, our minds and bodies deteriorate. When we have prolific amounts of spiritual vibrations, we are able to function at our optimum rate and are also able to grow spiritually.


Energy vibrations are always vacillating, changing their intensities. If you have shifted to a low energy state, it isn’t essentially a bad thing. It’s just an indication that the path you’re travelling on isn’t meant for you.

That’s why you often lack the drive to perform specific tasks. No matter how much energy you try to expend in accomplishing them, you always fall short of your objectives. Our energy establishes a force of resistance to stop us from doing something we subconsciously dislike.

Amplifying your energy vibrations when they’re at a heightened state can help you unleash the true powers of your soul and mind. However, first, it’s important to identify signs of high spiritual vibrations. Some of them are listed below.

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Indulging in healthy and Lively activities

Activities that make us feel alive and give us an adrenaline rush such as intense running, engaging in a challenging adventure, reading an engrossing novel all enhance our vibrational frequencies.


Enjoying a period of good mental health

Spiritual vibrations have a massive impact on our physical well-being. When we’re feeling healthy and lively, and functioning at our optimal state, we have an immediate surge of vibrational energy.

Impeccable drive

Sometimes, you feel a wave of motivation lifting your spirits. You feel as if you can accomplish everything if you set your mind to the task at hand. You are not afraid to embark upon daring adventures and take on a tasks that you have a minute chance of successfully completing.  Your high vibrational energy spurs this upbeat mindset.


Confidence in communication

Fluency and confidence are evident in your speech. Your mind is open to all kinds of discussions. You don’t hesitate to give your opinion or discourse on a particular topic. You want your voice to be heard because you have this immense vibrational energy inside of you which propels you to make your presence known.

Financial stability or abundance

If we have the right mindset and motivation, we also have the drive to emerge triumphant in our jobs. In periods of high vibrational energies, we have an abundance of wealth and other financial assets. We have a higher possibility of winning a lottery or receiving unexpected cash rewards.

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Power to bring people closer to you

We enjoy harmonious relationships with our peers and lovers when we have high vibrational energy. They get good vibes from you and treat yours with affection and care. Ever felt like you made a mistake that practically ruined your relationship with someone but they still found a way back into your life? It’s probably because of your intense spiritual vibrations. The feeling of intent to reunite with them draws them towards you.

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