Spiritual awakening is not a single day process and could take months to years. Seven different stages of spiritual awakening occur before the person finally reaches the highest peak of consciousness.

Here are the seven stages of spiritual awakening:

Stage#1: Appearance of the Catalyst:

It is a life-changing event that affects your mind well enough so that you want to pursue the truth even unconsciously. Until you reach the final stage of the awakening process, there would be a process of awakening and sleeping.

Near death experiences, severe depression or a breakdown, the first meeting with the soulmate, entrance of twin flame in the life, or life-threatening illness could work as the primary catalyst in the process of spiritual awakening. It could be any catalyst that influences your mind.

Stage#2: Alteration in Perception:

Your perception changes for different things.  For instance, you don’t want to continue your job, your relationship has troubles, there’s desire to move, your hobbies don’t feel the same, and other similar things happen in stage 2. There’s a lot of discomfort and increased level of confusion.

 Stage#3: Awareness

You become aware of yourself and your surroundings. At this stage, you might start to see visions and dreams. Synchronicities and premonitions become a part of your life. You see or hear things, that don’t seem real. There are thrills and chills, and sometimes you even become frightened.

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Stage#4: You Want to Know

Initially, you were not accepting what was happening, but now you want to understand. You reach out to seek the information and to know whether there are others like you. You read a lot now and especially look for spiritual knowledge.

Psychics, who used to appear fake to you, now feel real. You want to go to them and ask them what is happening to you. You attend any class that could help you to understand spirituality more. At this stage, fear is conquered by excitement. You become impatient and want to know everything in a single night if possible.

Stage#5: Recognizing Special Gifts

Everyone is unique in the spiritual world and has a special gift. At this point, you start to recognise yourself. Most of your time is spent in meditating, painting, singing, and in mind activities like energy healing, yoga, Tai Chi etc. You want to improve yourself every day, and thus you also recognise your special gift here. There’s a strong feeling of reconnecting with your higher self.

Stage#6:  Owning your Gift:

By this time, you become highly aware of your gift, and you completely own it. You have the power to heal yourself and others. You want others to know about your gifts, and you help them by recognising your true power. You speak your truth and live a confident life. You are happy because you are doing something great.

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Stage#7: A New Start

At this stage, everything you know formerly feels like a dream. You are not afraid of your old fears. You are more aware of your surroundings. You are entirely changed person who has lost their previous fears, desires and interests.

You don’t worry anymore about the future but live in the present. The biggest change in your life is the peacefulness and detachment from ego.