The Star tarot card represents hope, faith, purpose and renewal when it appears in a love reading. It is generally seen as a positive sign pointing to brighter days ahead, but the meaning can change depending on whether the card is upright or reversed. Let’s explore the upright and reversed interpretations of The Star in further detail.

Upright Meaning – A Time of Healing and Inspiration

Star Tarot as feelings in love and relationships - Upright and Reversed

When The Star shows up upright in a love reading, it indicates a period of healing and inspiration in your relationships. If you have gone through difficult times with your partner, this card suggests that the worst is now behind you and your connection will begin to strengthen again.

The Star tarot card brings a renewed sense of hope and faith that the relationship can work out. It may feel like the clouds have finally parted after a storm, allowing you to see clearly again. Your optimism returns and you are able to let go of any resentment, disappointment or pain from the past.

This is a time to nurture your bond by spending meaningful time together. Share inspiring dreams or ideas you have for the future of the relationship. Allow your partner to provide comfort and solace during this period of emotional renewal.

The Star can also indicate a brand new relationship that seems promising and fated. You may feel instantly at ease with this person, as if you have known them forever. Make sure to keep the communication open and honest in these early days.

Upright Key Points:

  • Healing after a difficult period in the relationship
  • Renewed hope and optimism for the future
  • Sharing dreams and inspirations with your partner
  • Strengthening the emotional bond
  • Promising new connections

Reversed Meaning – Disillusionment and Lack of Clarity

When the Star appears in reverse position, it suggests that disillusionment has set in regarding your love relationships. You may be feeling confused about the direction things are heading or having trouble seeing a bright future together with your partner.

Issues that had been swept under the rug or ignored are now resurfacing, requiring you to confront some difficult truths. You or your partner may express doubts about continuing the relationship during this period of questioning.

The reversed Star can sometimes reflect one partner holding the other back in some way or not fully supporting their dreams. For example, your partner may pour cold water on your aspirations rather than providing inspiration. Their cynicism dampens your enthusiasm.

You may also be idealizing new relationships too much when The Star shows up reversed. Make sure to keep things realistic when getting to know someone new rather than projecting all your hopes onto them.

Reversed Key Points:

  • Disillusionment and confusion about the relationship
  • Confronting issues that can no longer be ignored
  • Doubts or uncertainty about the future together
  • One partner dampening the other’s enthusiasm
  • Idealizing a new relationship too quickly

The Star Interpretation in Detail

Now that we have covered the main upright and reversed meanings of The Star in love readings, let’s explore some more nuanced interpretations. Pay attention to where this card falls in your Tarot spread and what other cards surround it.

As Feelings in the Relationship

The Star can reflect a renewed sense of hope regarding your love life, especially if you have endured troubled times with your partner. After working through conflicts or disappointments, this card suggests you feel newly optimistic about the relationship. Your faith is restored that you can reconcile differences and create a happier future together.

However, if The Star appears reversed when asking about feelings, disillusionment may be setting in. You or your partner could be losing confidence in the relationship succeeding long-term. Issues you thought were resolved are now resurfacing, requiring a new look.

As the Partner’s Feelings

Upright, The Star indicates your partner feels newly inspired by the relationship. They are letting go of past hurts or resentments and focusing on the potential for growth between you. Reversed can suggest doubts, confusion or excessive idealism on their part.

As Advice from the Cards

Upright, The Star counsels you to keep the faith in your partnership. Nurture your emotional bond through intimate conversations and shared activities that spark inspiration. If reversed, this card advises looking clearly at issues that may be undermining the foundation of trust between you. Confront your doubts honestly before they grow.

I hope this exploration on the meanings of The Star in love readings, both upright and reversed, has provided clarity and insight! Let the guiding light of this card illuminate your relationships.

Kash is a talented 3D artist who has worked at Apple and Splash Damage, and many other projects within the Games Industry. He also loves to blog about spirituality. He is the co-founder of Spiritual Unite, where he combines his business and spiritual Interest to inspire others.

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