Starseed Awakening Symptoms (AM I CRAZY ? YOU DECIDE)

Starseed Awakening Symptoms – We know that our evolutionary process is quickly increasing, with the higher energy we are feeling, we are all experiencing the changes that are happening in our unique way, time and who we are. To generalize our ascension process we go through is about how each of us run our individual energy, what our experiences and beliefs are, or how we vibrate.

The process can change and it will change automatically as we remove and embody more light to our inner self. So I say this may your process you are going through be joyous, peaceful and filled with much light and love.


Starseed Awakening Symptoms

1.You feel like you are in a pressure cooker or you feel intense energy and you are stressed. You are now adjusting to a much higher vibration and slowly you will adjust. Your old pattern or behavours are being pushed to the surface, so basically there is lots of things going on inside you.

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2. You feel disorientated, you don’t know where you are, you have lost your sense of place. Basically you are not in 3d anymore, you are slowly moving or in the process moving into higher dimensions.

3. You begin to have unusual aches and pain throughout your body. You are now cleansing and releasing any blocked energy, you are vibrating at 3D at the same time you are vibrating in the higher dimensions.

4. You seem to be waking up at 2 and 4 am. There is so much going on in your dreams. You need a break from your dreams, you can’t be there long length of time. Highly evolved beings spend more time on the earth plane.

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5. You have periods of long deep sleeping. You are resting and integrating, and now you are developing for the next stage.

6. Now you have extreme sensitivity to your environments. Things like, noise, crowds, foods, TV and other human voices are not tolerable. You also feel overwhelmed somehow and easily over stimulated. Basically you are tuning up.

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