Empaths and starseeds are two words that we typically see together, but what do they actually mean?

Empathy is defined as “the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another.”

Empaths can feel these things very deeply. Empathic people often have a strong sense of intuition or gut feeling about situations.

They also may be able to tune into other people’s feelings easily.

This means that empaths must take extra care when it comes to their own mental health because they absorb so much from others around them.

The life path for an empathic starseed is not easy by any means!

Are starseeds empathic?

Yes, these souls are empathic just like many other empaths.

They are very sensitive to the energy of those around them and often pick up on their emotions, thoughts, or feelings without even knowing what is going on for that person.

Empathy can be a blessing but it also comes with its difficulties because you will constantly feel like your surrounding environment and people in it have an impact on you.

As a starseed soul, you need to take care of yourself and learn how to deal with other energies in a healthy way so that you can focus on your own happiness too.

Are empaths the same as starseeds?

While these two terms have been mentioned together often, there is no direct connection between them.

Empathy occurs when you feel what other people feel to some degree. There are many different levels of empathy that anyone can be at.

Starseeds might have empathic tendencies or they may be more in tune with their spiritual needs while empaths tend to care about how others around them are feeling more than anything else.

Is there a way to cope with being an empath?

It can be difficult to think about what you need when everyone around is so emotional, but it is important for your own well-being that you try and take care of yourself first.

There are many ways to do this. You can use meditation, journaling, or even just taking a step back from the people around you so that you can see things more clearly.

You will need an anchor in your life when everything feels like it’s too much and having something that grounds you is essential for empaths.

Starseeds Have a Deep Understanding

Starseeds have been incarnating on earth, and have been through many past lives.

They are here to help the planet.

Starseeds feel like they do not belong here on earth, and this is partially because of their lives on other galaxies and planets.

Starseeds have a deep understanding of spiritual concepts and sometimes pick up on this through dreams or premonitions, as well as other ways that we cannot really explain.

However, most starseeds are empaths and struggle to cope with life on earth.

Empathic Starseed

Starseeds who are empaths are highly sensitive to energies and most often feel uncomfortable in social situations.

They find it difficult to be around many people at once and prefer one-on-one conversation.

Starseeds who are empaths usually feel overwhelmed in crowded places, such as the mall, stadiums for large sporting events, concerts, etc.

They may also suffer from panic attacks when the energies around them are chaotic or negative.

If you are starseeds and you feel you are an empath as well then you are probably familiar with the following traits:

  • You are highly sensitive to the energies of other people.
  • You are naturally drawn to animals and nature.
  • You are very empathic and compassionate towards others, whether you know them or not.
  • You have a natural ability to make others feel at ease around you.
  • You have been told you are an old soul and you feel different from others.
  • You may have experienced a past life as an empath or starseed.
  • You feel overwhelmed in public places.
  • Animals trust you and you have a strong connection with them.
  • Your sense of empathy is so strong that you may take on the emotions of others or feel other people’s pain.
  • You are very intuitive and can sense when something is off.
  • You have psychic ability and/or you are very sensitive to energy.
  • You often feel like an outsider and don’t always fit in with others your age, especially if they are not empathic or starseeds as well.
  • You have a desire to go home even if you can’t express where that is.
  • You are drawn to nature.
  • You are prone to addiction or depression.
  • You often question the way society works.
  • Often your dreams feel otherworldly.
  • You feel fear or experience blocks
  • You strive for the truth
  • You are interested in spirituality.
  • You have a natural ability to make others feel better.
  • You cherish your freedom more than anything.
  • You wish to lead people towards acts of love and selflessness.

Spiritual Awakening

As a starseed, you may have gone through different phases of awakening.

You could have had psychic abilities as a child, but were told it was “wrong” to talk about them or perhaps even believed that they didn’t exist at all.

You then began suppressing these abilities and/or repressed memories of them.

You may have had a sense of knowing which guides you toward the truth, but were taught to check with an authoritative figure first.

This process only delays your spiritual development and keeps you trapped by fear-based thinking that “you don’t know enough yet.”

You must trust what feels right for you at each moment along this journey!

Old Soul

You may have been told that you are very ancient, but what does that mean exactly? It means you are very knowledgeable and wise beyond your years.

You are able to see the bigger picture and you have a strong sense of intuition.

You probably also love philosophy, psychology, sociology, or any other subject that is deep in thought and study!

People may find it hard to relate to you because they can’t keep up with your thoughts.

If any of these traits sound familiar to you, then chances are that you are a starseed empath.

Some Starseeds are highly sensitive people

Some starseeds are highly sensitive people (HSP), even though HSP’s are sensitive to energy and emotions, HSP’s are not empaths.

A lot of people believe that they have a high sensitivity because the world is too loud and bright for them to handle.

However, you can be sensitive to energy and emotions, but not be an empath.

Empaths are people who can actually feel other’s energy and/or emotions as if they were their own.

They’re able to take on another person’s physical symptoms or discomforts.

There is one thing common with starseeds, empaths, and Hsp’s is that they are prone to depression.

If you are facing depression and you think it may be related to your starseed origin then this article may help.

Empath Starseeds And Their Mission

Starseeds have come from not just one star system but many. They have incarnated on earth to help humanity with healing and awakening and to assist in the transition of earth into a higher dimensional planet.

But the reality is that empathic starseeds struggle to be on earth and in a physical body.

Empath starseeds feel what everyone else feels, they are highly sensitive and they can pick up other people’s emotions like a sponge.

These empathic souls tend to suffer as well as struggle with their own energy field which easily becomes depleted.

Despite the struggles, empathic starseeds still have the knowledge and desire to help humanity and the planet.

Their natural healing abilities and their ability to connect with higher dimensions make them vital for the new earth.

They can embrace their sensitive nature by learning to accept it, communicate with other empathic souls and align themselves with the earth’s energy grid.

Empath starseeds can also learn how to stay grounded in their bodies so they can prevent further depletion of their own energy field.

Empath Starseed And Healing The Emotions

The first step for empath starseeds is to discover their empathic abilities and understand that it is not something bad or wrong.

The next step would be to take time for themselves, meditate and ground themselves in nature while learning how to manage the various emotions they feel from other people.

The starseeds can also learn about the importance of self-care by spending time with loved ones.

Empath Starseeds And The Earth’s Energy Grid

There is a strong connection between empath starseeds and the earth as they can feel what everyone around them feels, including the planet itself.

Many of these souls are called to spend time in nature which allows their own energy field to align with mother earth while feeling her emotions.

Empath starseeds who are more advanced in their journey can learn how to channel the earth’s energy and become healers for others as well as themselves.


Starseeds are from other star systems and other worlds while simultaneously incarnating on Earth’s physical realm.

They can not help being interested in other people’s emotions, they are drawn spiritually with the power of light and spirit inside them.

Although many starseeds don’t think they understand their life mission, they are in fact living it every time they help their friends seek and realize their gifts.